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Merge means MERGE, not STOP

In my profession, I am on highways and roads all day, and now I feel compelled to write in. People - brush up on what the road signs mean.

Tip of the hat

Thank you for publishing the wonderful pictures of the Farmers' Market in your recent pglife, Aug. 24 edition. The Prince George Farmers' Market appreciates the continued support by the Prince George Citizen very much. Roman Muntener Prince George

PM needs to woo seats in East

Bruce Strachan Right Side Up Can Stephen Harper count? More critically, can he count to 155, the number of seats required to eke out at least a numerical majority in the 308-seat House of Commons? It's questionable.

Structural challenges common at universities

I am responding to Monday's article about the wage disparity between male and female professors in B.C.'s universities.

Stuck along life’s highway

Slightly Skewed Jack Knox "So," I said, nodding at the story in the paper, "that traffic jam in China has finally eased." She sipped her morning coffee. "Ten thousand vehicles, stopped dead on the freeway for 10 days or more.

Long-form census a waste of time

It seems many groups want including the city want the long-form census compulsory because they say if it was voluntary the quality of information would be no good. I dispute that argument on two points.

Good Samaritans, heaven sent

While traveling home from Alaska to Montana we were in British Columbia earlier this month when we had two of three flat tires on our fifth-wheel travel trailer. On Aug.

Fighting forest fires is not rocket science

All these forest fires, and what does our government do? We in B.C. as the average worker needs a ticket for this or that. Fighting forest fires is not rocket science, yet we need a ticket.


I can't believe the chain of events that have transpired over the last couple of years. It started with the school district telling a school of 50 kids that they needed to raise $30,000 for a new playground that our kids could not do without.

Cold comfort from Winter

When hell freezes over. B.C. Chamber of Commerce head John Winter believes that will be the day the anti-HST forces will win their fight to repeal the harmonized sales tax. Winter had nothing but cold comfort for residents of B.C.