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Won't go to casinos

Yes we are on a countdown to the HST. Fine, Campbell, this new tax of yours will save me about $4,000 to $5,000 a year.

Blueberry shrub is one good looking plant

Not only is this shrub grown for its berries but it is also grown for its good looks! Blueberries have long been a favourite berry among Americans, coming in second only to strawberries.

Shocked at photo

Your article in the May 6 Citizen Re: HST shocked me with the photo you chose to illustrate it. Although I know none of the people or names visible on the gravestones, I would be very hurt if it was my family.

Embarrassed at swimming pool

I've been reading with interest letters from people upset about the gentleman's treatment at the swimming pool. To provide another perspective, several years ago we and our out-of-town family visited the pool with my one-and-a-half year old nephew.

PETA loves them seals

We have to wonder if your editorial writer even watched PETA's new "Canada. Explore Elsewhere" video (Opinion, May 12). PETA's video does not show "whitecoats" being slaughtered.

Out of touch with music

Meatloaf? Is this 1978? OK, I get it, Elton John is a legend! He is worthy of the attention and our money. But Meatloaf? Whoever is establishing what Prince George wants to listen to, is out of touch.

Be nice to pet-friendly places

Last week Jo and I went down to Vancouver for some seriousbird watching. What we watched and listened to was the magnificent sound of the Eagles at GM Place.

The truth about the HST

I've heard enough from political has-beens and wannabes using the HST for political posturing. It's time for the public to hear the truth. The economic reality in British Columbia is that we have too much debt and not enough taxpayers.

Oil spill not a tourist attraction

Re: Enbridge Proposal Pipeline to Kitimat Most people everywhere are dead set against pipelines going through their lands and for good reason. After the initial construction is finished the benefit for the population is over.

It's true, take my word for it

Words matter. How words are arranged matters. Writers spend a lot of time thinking about what word to use and how to use it. Sometimes words flow but, at other times, finding the perfect word to encapsulate a concept can be a struggle.