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Open letter to MLAs

An open letter to our MLAs and the Minister of Education Mr. Campbell claims to have five major goals and the first one is for B.C. to become the best-educated, most-literate jurisdiction in North America.

Curbside recycling needed

To the City of Prince George, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George.

Carney Hill school doing a good job

With the recent endorsement of the Aboriginal Choice School by the board of Trustees, I feel compelled to provide insight into what is currently happening at Carney Hill community school.

HST is better than what we have

In a recent article, Todd Whitcombe questioned whether the HST is good public policy, suggested that the HST is a new tax, and generally left me with the impression that it is a step backwards for the people of B.C. Of course, taxes are unpopular.

Olympics a waste of money

As I watch and witness all the latest hype around the Olympics I find it hard to comprehend such waste considering the economic plight our province is in.

So mean-spirited

I can't help myself, I've got to throw my hat into the rings. I read an article about a parent who was feeling lucky so she left her baby in the car while she went in and gambled at the casino. This reminds me of our government.

He smells fish

The revitalization of the downtown center is going into its 30th year with not much success.

Frivolous spending not ejoyable

I did not participate in any of the 'hoopla' surrounding having the Olympic torch run through Prince George; however, I did look out my window when I heard the thunder of the exploding fireworks overhead.

A look at some of the Canadians who will compete for Oscar this year

THE CANADIAN PRESS Here's a look at some of the Canadian connections at this year's Oscars, which will be handed out March 7: - Jason Reitman: Born in Montreal, Reitman has a shot at three Oscars.

Too many staff, but not too many teachers

I felt it necessary to write and clarify some of the points made in your recent editorial, "Unneeded Staff?".