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Carole James has her work cut out

Bruce Strachan Right Side Up In a recent column, Vancouver Sun political writer Vaughn Palmer claims NDP leader Carole James should be taken seriously as the premier-in-waiting. Given that Palmer has been kicking around the hallowed halls of the B.C.

Appalled by photos

I was appalled to see the photos that were published on Monday's front page regarding a murder victim. My first thought was to the family of this person. The citizen should be ashamed to say the least.

Sickened by pictures

I was sickened to pick up the paper on Monday and see the pictures on the front page regarding the homicide victim.

IPG Redux

If anyone needed confirmation that things were seriously awry at the Think Tank on First Avenue otherwise known as Initiatives Prince George (IPG), last week's council decision to allow IPG to keep the "profits" from the sale of the ACS building to T

Nothing will undo the pain

After happening to catch a glance of the front page of the paper Monday, you have now completely solidified my resolve to never subscribe to the trash you call a newspaper.

Shame on you!

Shame on you Citizen. Two days now your front page has been more like what we'd expect from the Province or Sun newspaper, not the Citizen.

Guest commentary: A good idea . . . at the wrong time

Robert M.

Summer vacation: No clocks, no rules, no pressure, no shoes

Jack Knox Slightly Skewed Went back to work a couple of days ago. Wore long pants for the first time in two weeks. Cried. One more week, I would have forgotten my pants altogether. This is what happens after a vacation. We forget things, get stupid.

Unsung heroes

Once again the paramedics of the ambulance service proved themselves to be the unsung heroes of our society. They showed up when called, saved a life, then faded into the night without a thought of thanks.

Liberals will do better job providing education, job skills

Bruce Whitestone, in his column "Education for Business" - Aug. 10, correctly highlights the education and skills shortage facing Canada.