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Out of the pool

I've been reading with interest letters from people upset about the gentleman's treatment at the swimming pool. To provide another perspective, several years ago we and our out-of-town family visited the pool with my one-and-a-half year old nephew.

Tennis court ruling a shock

I am a resident of the Highland neighbourhood (raised and now raising my own kids in a home that backs on to the field).

HST backlash: I won’t gamble in B.C. anymore

Yes we are on a countdown to the HST. Fine, Campbell, this new tax of yours will save me about $4,000 to $5,000 a year.

No meatloaf, pleeeze!

Meatloaf? Is this 1978? OK, I get it, Elton John is a legend! He is worthy of the attention and our money. But Meatloaf? Whoever is establishing what Prince George wants to listen to, is out of touch.

Petty rulings reveal a lot about Speaker of legislature

Vaughn Palmer In Victoria It has become a common ritual during Bill Barisoff's tenure as Speaker of the B.C. legislature. The New Democratic Party Opposition introduces a draft bill, translating party policy into legislation.

Say no to Enbridge

The ongoing catastrophic oil spill off the coast of the United States serves as a wake-up call about the path we are all headed down if our fossil fuel dependent and wasteful way of being carries on unabated.

Fuel for fighting

Everyone loves things that reminds them of home, and more so for food. Whether it is candy bars or a special apple pie like granny used to make or maybe a fast food restaurant in a foreign country.

Truck theft a warning

To the Southridge Neighbourhood On Tue., May 4 between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. the following morning, in front of our house in the Upper St. Lawrence area, our black Dodge Ram Crew Cab was broken into and some personal items were stolen.

Unproven allegations

I would like to comment on the allegations reported in the paper that are un-proven and biased against this person. I personally know this person and would like to support him in every way possible.

When no one is in power, there’s no one to blame

Right Side Up Bruce Strachan Editor's note: This column was written before a coalition government was formed and took office in the U.K. ------ Pity the poor United Kingdom. The whole realm is in an electoral tizzy.