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It is doubtful anyone would choose to be gay

I am the founder and sponsor of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) for the high school students of Prince George. I started the GSA in Nov.

Unneeded staff?

There have been numerous stories and letters to the editor in this paper lately about the potential school closures in School District 57. But, several months ago we ran a story called "enrolment spells trouble for education budget.

My right to be bigoted

It is with some surprise that I've been reading all the letters regarding homosexuality. Seems to me that people are forgetting that we have freedom of speach in our country. For now anyway.

Ignorant response

This is in response to J. Serup's letter and other "hate" letters regarding homosexuality. Dan Rogers was in a photo with "Foxy".

Closing Central Fort George school makes no sense

Dear Senior Administration and Board of Trustees: At this time the Central Fort George Traditional School PAC comes to you to request that you reconsider the closure of Central Fort George Traditional School.

Singing the PM’s praises

Stephen Harper has prorogued Parliament. The pundits are calling for a general federal election Tuesday, April, 13.

City hall bureaucracy has anti-small business agenda

I commend Tim McEwan for his articulate and cogent defense of the sales tax harmonization. But that change won't help Prince George. Our economy has one, and only one, major problem.

Business students define excellence

Prince George and the UNBC School of Business played host to a highly successful JDC West Business School Competition this past weekend. JDC West is organized and managed by business students with minimal assistance from the university.

Biofuels work as a temporary solution

Regarding Todd Whitcombe's article in Monday's (Jan 18) Citizen "Woodn"t it be foolish to burn ourselves out" Todd Whitcombe raises some intelligent questions in his Jan.

Administration needs cuts, too

The district contends that closures are necessary because student enrolment has declined by 1,900 students over the last five years.