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Armpit of B.C. not such a bad place to live

I grew up my entire life in Victoria, that is, with exception of the last eight years. It has come to my attention that I currently live in the armpit of B.C., with a community of people who have no teeth.

Keep health centre in the downtown

The plan to locate the Central Interior Native Health Centre, the needle exchange and the drop-in Fire Pit into a central health and wellness centre is "alive and well." Councillor Murry Krause stressed the centre needs to be located downtown.

‘Traditional program’ no longer safe in School District 57

Is the traditional program in S.D. 57 safe? The answer is no. The traditional program in Prince George has been nearly eliminated several times since its inception in 1997.

Liberals defy logic by sticking to their lowball Olympic figures

Vaughn Palmer In Victoria Finance Minister Colin Hansen sounded hurt at the suggestion that his updated estimate of $925 million for Olympic costs represented a 50-per-cent overrun on the budget the B.C. Liberals touted before the Games.

The Last Honest Liberal

Despite all evidence to the contrary and just when we thought that the term "Liberal Representative" was an oxymoron we find out there was indeed one. "Was" being the operative word.

Why retract Campbell comment?

I'd like to know why the Citizen feels that they have to retract the truth from Friday's Citizen about Gordon Campbell. He is a liar, he's lied from the beginning starting with BC Rail.

Here’s a message for us all

It has now been a week since an accident on Miworth Road claimed the life of a young man from Prince George. This incident is a tragedy and my thoughts go out to the friends and family of the deceased.

Mountain ash are trouble-free and showy tree

Jos Van Hage Gardening If you are looking for a deciduous tree that will give year round beauty then perhaps the mountain ash is what you are looking for.

Gardening gratitude

Dear Gardening Colleagues: Hey! Yesterday, when I returned to my Watering/Weeding task, I was pleasantly shocked to find several gifts waiting to be discovered. ONWARDS Please accept my gratitude for your promised gifts . . albeit without your names.

Connolly has class

This is a letter in response to Mr. Harder's letter titled "Draftee showed little class.