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Stellar, stellar, stellar

Stellar, stellar, stellar

Joel Plaskett doesn't disappoint sold-out P.G. Playhouse

Religion selfish

Moralizers have a need to persecute others as sinners.

Education cutbacks necessary

I understand how some people feel about the school closures because my elementary school in Coquitlam closed a few years ago. As upset as many people were, it was a necessary loss.

Gov't kicks in $600,000 for early childhood development

The federal government is giving close to $600,000 to a northern B.C. organization dedicated to improving early childhood development.

Praise for Rogers

In response to Letter in The Citizen paper: Good job Dan, you couldn't have written it more clearly that you did. I totally enjoyed reading it and agreed with everything you said. Having grown up children, I reflect back on when they were in school.

Let’s put some common sense behind fear of climate change

In 1859 an English economist predicted that the British Empire would cease to exist by 1900 because they would run out of coal, the energy the empire depended on. Ironically, 1859 was also the year when the first commercial oil well was drilled.

Single-track French ‘segregation’

Single-track French Immersion is segregation and doesn't support the unity of Canada but embraces separation. It will affect the social fabric of our city. It will affect our carbon footprint.

School sports suffering

After my childrens' school is closed can I send them down to the Richmond Oval or the Athletes Village for an education? With all the money we save by shutting down 14 schools, can we please have some money to purchase footballs, basketballs, medical

CO overstepped authority

Recently, myself and some friends decided to spend a day snowmobiling with our children in the Bear Lake area. While we were unloading, a conservation officer (CO) vehicle entered the parking area.

The battle for Salmon Valley

Just heard an interview this morning with Warren Wilson regarding the school district 57 closures. I was not surprised when asked about the community of Salmon Valley he deflected and spoke about Nukko lake instead.