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Cutbanks garbage not surprising

Although alarming, the garbage situation on the cutbanks, as reported by Frank Peebles, is not surprising. There are pockets of these man-made dumps all over the city.

Drive carefully with cyclists

Because a family member bikes to work I have always considered myself a very careful driver when passing cyclists. Today I found out that driving a vehicle is supposed to make you feel guilty.

Discovering cinnamon

This week's column is written by Perry Close, who graduated in May from CNC's Professional Cook certificate program. During my time in the professional cook program at CNC, I used cinnamon primarily in desserts, such as apple pie and cinnamon torte.

Don't shoot the messenger

Your editorial of July 10 brushing off Michael Palin's "drain smell" comments is a disappointing and embarrassing case of shooting the messenger. Prince George does have an air quality problem. In addition P.G. has a major image problem.

Fudge-it Budget

When Glen Clark did this by only millions, it was all over the headlines. Why isn't all over the headlines when Gordon Campbell does it by billions? Released on Thursday, B.C.

Book reviews

The Shift: Taking Your Life From Ambition To Meaning By Dr Wayne W. Dyer Dr. Dyer is an internationally recognized author and speaker on the subject of self-improvement and growth.

Evergreen Line: Fuel taxes, road tolls may be the $600-million solution

Vaugn Palmer In Victoria Listeners who tuned in to Premier Gordon Campbell's weekly radio address heard an enthusiastic pitch for the long-delayed Evergreen Line as the next priority for rapid transit expansion in the Vancouver region.

The cutting edge

So, more issues with swords in the hood. Re: the recent attack/home invasion. Nice! To the culprits: Your parents must be very proud.

Something’s rotten at the landfill - it isn’t garbage

Pay your property taxes day is the time I like to review city expenditures to find out what I am getting for my tax dollars. With city taxes the only options I seem to have are to pay or move.

Not a fan of the Liberals since the HST fiasco

This letter is intended and directed to Pat Bell, Liberal MLA. I am writing this letter to express my total disgust with the lack of respect shown by the Liberal Party of B.C. for the British Columbia electorate.