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Enough is enough

When will Prince George hockey community say enough is enough with the management of the Prince George Cougars. I blame yet another losing season totally on Dallas Thompson and the Prince George media for not putting more pressure on management.

How does HST help seniors?

I suppose my question to those in the HST cheering section is: How exactly does this benefit seniors, particularly those on fixed incomes? Obviously it is reassuring to know that various services will be exempt, but the cost of those services have co

Minimum wage should be $10

It's time our government raised the minimum wage to $10 per hour so worker's do not have to rely on tips to eke out a living. BC's minimum wage ($8/hr frozen since 2001) falls behind other Canadian provinces.

Priorities appear to be skewed

I am writing in regards to, two stories in The Citizen, of the Jan. 26 issue.

Greying population has direct link to school closures

A few weeks ago, I threw out some suggestions for newsmakers of the coming decade and the biggest development I saw in my crystal ball for the next 10 years in Prince George was the effects of an aging population.

Library event was wonderful

My children and I participated in the fun carnival at the library on Saturday. It was very well organized and we all had a great afternoon. It is always appreciated to have such community oriented library and its great staff.

Great bottle of wine doesn’t have to break the bank

Good wines come in a variety of prices and styles making wine available to everyone. Besides our own top quality home grown wines the world offers additional variety.

Gay vote won’t make difference to Rogers’ chances

Why I wonder why would Mr. Gatehouse put pen to paper for such a non issue as the mayor on the front page of the Citizen with a person who lives an alternate lifestyle.

Carbon offset market providing opportunity

After reading your Jan. 22 editorial it is clear that I need to set the record straight about how carbon markets work.

Government mismanaging precious tax dollars

So here we go again, no money in the budget for education. The boards and trustees in their spinelessness, decided we need to close 14 schools and we need to make up the shortfalls.