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Business students define excellence

Prince George and the UNBC School of Business played host to a highly successful JDC West Business School Competition this past weekend. JDC West is organized and managed by business students with minimal assistance from the university.

Biofuels work as a temporary solution

Regarding Todd Whitcombe's article in Monday's (Jan 18) Citizen "Woodn"t it be foolish to burn ourselves out" Todd Whitcombe raises some intelligent questions in his Jan.

Administration needs cuts, too

The district contends that closures are necessary because student enrolment has declined by 1,900 students over the last five years.

City hall excels at putting cart before the horse

Normally people tend to put the horse before the cart, but with the city of Prince George it would seem that they may prefer to put the cart before the horse on occasion.

Sweet dreams

Happy days! For all those parents of I Pod loving, twittering all night gamers otherwise know as teenagers, there is a ray of hope. It was reported this week that Holiday Inn is offering a trial human bed -warming service at three hotels in Britain.

Excuse me while I cough up a lung

I've been on so many flights recently, seat etiquette has become a big deal to me.

Restrain that pet

As most B.C. residents are now aware, 2010 has seen travelling while texting or talking on your cell phone become a ticketable offence. Why? Safety is quite clearly the primary reason this proactive change.

Bracing for the soaring dementia toll

By Paul Willcocks VICTORIA - Many of us are going to end up needing. Sure, some people will be lucky and live long, independent lives before dropping dead quickly and without a fuss.

The Economic shift of climate change

From Copenhagen to Haida Gwaii, climate change is in the news and bringing big economic shifts. The B.C. government has just signed "reconciliation protocols" with the Haida and six coastal First Nations.

'Tis the season for poisoning

It is the time of the year when our pets become susceptible to the most common form of poisoning, that from ethylene glycol better known as antifreeze poison. Pets are attracted to the deadly substance because of it's sweet taste and smell.