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Broken trust!

Colin Hansen: You are perceived to have broken the public trust and regardless of your good intentions (or not), people who have lost faith in you, feel betrayed.

Abandoned couch deserves better

"Nice to see you again," she said, settling in beside me on the couch. "And you," I replied, sipping my morning coffee.

We must wait to see how Nisga'a experiment goes

The recent editorial ("Nisga'a take lead...," Sept.

Autumn colours are a product of diminishing returns

As I was walking the dogs the other day, a stiff cold breeze was blowing. Fall is on its way. The leaves are starting to turn. Flowers are dying off. And a hint of frost lays on the ground first thing in the morning.

Responsible journalism

The Prince George Brain Injured Group would like to thank you for your responsible journalism. In the last week there have been two great pictures of enthusiastic bikers on your front page and they were all wearing helmets.

Moving from summer white wine to fall reds

Fall is a good time to start sampling and buying red wines again. With that idea in mind, I have some new wines to share with you.

Similar treatment at SPCA

This is a response to the letter written to the editor on Thursday Sept.2 "Person treated rudely by someone at SPCA" After reading the letter in Thursdays Citizen regarding being treated rudely at the SPCA, I felt compelled to write.

Why was suspect not apprehended?

I read with interest, or should I say disgust, the article about the shooting at the Guru Nanak temple in Surrey. The fact that the victim was shot in his upper thigh indicates to me that the suspect was a poor shot.

Help the bears and the scientists

I have noticed that some of the letters that printed in the Citizen are ones that either are complaints or are critical of one situation or another. I am submmitting this as a plea for help.

Let arts community foot bill for arts centre

Re; Performing Arts Centre I am not of the opinion that taxpayers of Prince George should be burdened with financing the cost of a large elaborate and costly performing arts centre in Prince George, which could prove to be too expensive for both rehe