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Breaking the mold

It's that time of year again. The FSA (foundation skills assessment) test has once again reared its ugly head in our Grade 4 and Grade 7 classrooms.

Criminals win when backs are turned

Over the past couple of years the gang activity and gang related violence has come to dominate the headlines of The Citizen and other papers across the province and Canada.

Casinos hit by money launderers

Paul Willcocks In Victoria Criminals love casinos. They're great places for loan sharking and passing counterfeit money. And even more important for the serious crooks, casinos are the easiest place to launder money.

Make student parking free

Who was the vindictive SOB, with no sense of decency for humankind, who was walking through a parking lot and thought "How can I make money off of this?" Whoever it was has changed the face of public parking forever by forcing good citizens to shell

Pool reopening delayed

Swimmers were expecting the Four Seasons Leisure Pool to re-open on Monday, but a slight delay has happened. According to Lana Keim, the city's aquatic division manager, it will not be back in service until Wednesday, Jan.

Reader not happy with new comics

When I read the letter to the editor today regarding changes that were made in The Citizen it reminded me that I had meant to express my opinion as well and decided now was the time.

Bring back Aboriginal teaching assistants

Please put Aboriginal teaching assistants back in the schools. Our children are failing. Look at the report cards.

Campbell played his hand well

Bruce Strachan Right Side Up In a little over five weeks, Gordon Campbell will resign as leader of the provincial Liberal Party and as premier of British Columbia. And from many quarters one can already hear the cheering.

Merit pay system nothing new

Premier-in-waiting Kevin Falcon recently made the statement: "I want to see good teachers rewarded.

Who rejigged the lights at 20th and Victoria?

Somewhere in the deep recesses of our City Hall there must be an alter emblazoned with the expression "If it isn't broken ... break it!" For the past nine years or so, I have used the intersection at 20th Avenue and Victoria Street almost daily.
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