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Premier had little thunder for delegates at UBCM meet

Paul Willcocks In Victoria The Union of B.C. Municipalities has evolved into the big political event of the year. And the just-concluded gathering in Whistler was suitably weird, as you would expect in these strange times.

Enbridge needs to step up to plate on slow response in Michigan spill

Open letter to Michele Perret, Enbridge manager of community relations. On Aug. 24, you made a presentation to the Smithers town council regarding the Michigan oil spill from an Enbridge pipeline, which ruptured there in July.

Plenty of talk, not much listen

Last week I attended what was called an information and comment session on a proposed bylaw that is being drafted by the city of P.G. This was a city-sponsored event, to inform and take feedback from the people affected in flood zones.

A dramatic tale of commodities

Bruce Whitestone Canada's Business Most in the financial industry have been preoccupied by the comments of the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve system, and watching the ups and downs of financial markets.

Alberta’s oil wealth a mere accident of geography

Jack Knox Slightly Skewed Alberta has regained the title of fastest-growing province, basking in a baby boom and a renewed wave of people moving here from other parts of Canada. -- Calgary Herald Thank God (or maybe OPEC).

Event wasn’t ruined

The story on the front page on Sept. 22 (Charity event ruined by local gangs). First of all, it was not a charitable event, the proceeds went to the main act and promoters. Second thing is, the event was not ruined.

Good news, bad news

I have just returned from a little holiday only to discover that Prince George won the bid to host the 2015 Winter Games.

Basis for Whitcombe’s argument is wrong from the start

Re: Todd Whitcombe on gun registry I would like to point out to Mr. Whitcombe that the basis for his entire argument is wrong. He is arguing about licensing, when the gun debate currently is about the registry, something entirely different.

Grim and bear it

Sitting listening to the news this morning brought tears to my eyes. And I feel deep-down anger. Three bears just trying like any human to care for her young.

Good news, and bad on Dunster school front

Re: Dunster Fine Arts School. The news out of the Sept. 28 SD 57 meeting that the board had sold the closed Dunster Fine Arts School to a parent society is both good news and a disturbing sign of the future.
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