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Area schools have Thanksgiving on their plate

Students and staff of PGSS walked Masich Place Stadium in honour of Terry Fox Sept. 30. Thanks to Mr. Manhas and Mr. Flavel for organizing the event. Spring break, trip planning is full steam ahead with Mr. McFayden and Mr. Wood. Mr.

We can’t continue exploiting oil resources

On Oct. 4, Prince George city council discussed the Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance's request that Mayor Dan Rogers step down from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Alliance.

What’s in a name

It's hard not to notice the recently installed "objet d'art" at the intersection of 20th and Victoria. The figures appear so joyous and carefree as they leap, frolic and bound about seemingly without a care in the world.
2009 - Le Vieux Pin - Vala perfect with Fraser River sockeye

2009 - Le Vieux Pin - Vala perfect with Fraser River sockeye

Doug Jamieson is a local wine and food consultant, educator and writer.

Rushing to judgement

Regarding Kim Bolan's recent trip to Prince George and her following article, embedded as she was with the RCMP, she seems to have followed popular mythology about "the Hood." As a resident of the Hood, I beg to differ.

Sockeye is back in abundance

This week's column is written by Chef Ron Christian, who has been a chef for 30 years. He is a CNC Professional Cook instructor, who has also taught at BCIT, Vancouver Community College and has worked all over the world.

No compensation for pothole damage

On Nov. 23 of 2009 I and about 21 other vehicles hit the same pothole at about 6 p.m. on Highway 97 heading toward town, across from the canopy company.

Even indoor cats need identification

Ask Kathi Caroline asked: Why is the water in my goldfish bowl cloudy? Kathi: Your goldfish produces wastes, a part of which is ammonia.

Bear bait

To the people who want to save all the bears in search of food, a question.

Gateway art has done its job

Thank you Carol Phillips for opening this discussion of the recent installation in the Gateway. When "art" provokes controversy it has been successful.
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