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Suddenly, Bambi’s mom turned into Thumper

Slightly Skewed Jack Knox A couple of wild wildlife stories this week: First came a scary bear attack at a Sproat Lake campground, in which East Sooke's Jay Vinden suffered head wounds and other injuries, while friend Bruce Doyle, who rushed to his r

Tip of the hat

Thank you to the volunteers and staff of the Prince George Motorsport Park for a job well done at the "Prince George All Out" this past weekend.

Mind your mental health

I work in the mental health field and would like to put out an invitation. Mental health is an issue that affects everyone.

Location, location, location

The Hilliard Clare letter of July 26 certainly warrants a response from the taxpayers. Two issues concerning the location of the proposed police station are raised in Clare's letter should be addressed.

Random act of kindness

Recently, after a pleasant dinner at the Northern Palace restaurant on the Hart with my wife and two babies, I went to pay our bill and was told that the couple sitting beside us had paid our bill when they left, we felt like we had just won the lott

Hated Sales Tax becoming a hard sell

It may have been that I've been away on holiday for three weeks. But even in the few days I've been back, I haven't detected much to reflect Finance Minister Colin Hansen's assessment that British Columbians are being pleasantly surprised by the HST.

Shine a light on waste

We appear to be currently in drought or pre-drought conditions. My concern is that municipally and provincially we continue to produce day-light conditions on our streets at night, rather than really changing the mind-set and conserving electricity.

A three horse race in B.C.?

Following last week's column on the possible outcomes of provincial-party leadership races, a blogger wrote asking, "Why can't we have a different party to vote for?" Good question.

Tragic mistake left dog owner without loved pet

On July 25, I made a tragic mistake by not securing our two dogs. The husky and blue heeler left the yard not for very long, only under 10 minutes. But that's all it took to have the little blue heeler run over and be killed by you, who ever you are.

It's all about money

I just wish to commend you on your great front page article 'Enbridge Stained By Michigan Spill' in the July 28 edition of The Prince George Citizen. It's high time the truth was told publicly about the big oil conglomerates.