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Rushing to judgement

Regarding Kim Bolan's recent trip to Prince George and her following article, embedded as she was with the RCMP, she seems to have followed popular mythology about "the Hood." As a resident of the Hood, I beg to differ.

Sockeye is back in abundance

This week's column is written by Chef Ron Christian, who has been a chef for 30 years. He is a CNC Professional Cook instructor, who has also taught at BCIT, Vancouver Community College and has worked all over the world.

No compensation for pothole damage

On Nov. 23 of 2009 I and about 21 other vehicles hit the same pothole at about 6 p.m. on Highway 97 heading toward town, across from the canopy company.

Even indoor cats need identification

Ask Kathi Caroline asked: Why is the water in my goldfish bowl cloudy? Kathi: Your goldfish produces wastes, a part of which is ammonia.

Bear bait

To the people who want to save all the bears in search of food, a question.

Gateway art has done its job

Thank you Carol Phillips for opening this discussion of the recent installation in the Gateway. When "art" provokes controversy it has been successful.

Premier had little thunder for delegates at UBCM meet

Paul Willcocks In Victoria The Union of B.C. Municipalities has evolved into the big political event of the year. And the just-concluded gathering in Whistler was suitably weird, as you would expect in these strange times.

Enbridge needs to step up to plate on slow response in Michigan spill

Open letter to Michele Perret, Enbridge manager of community relations. On Aug. 24, you made a presentation to the Smithers town council regarding the Michigan oil spill from an Enbridge pipeline, which ruptured there in July.

Plenty of talk, not much listen

Last week I attended what was called an information and comment session on a proposed bylaw that is being drafted by the city of P.G. This was a city-sponsored event, to inform and take feedback from the people affected in flood zones.

A dramatic tale of commodities

Bruce Whitestone Canada's Business Most in the financial industry have been preoccupied by the comments of the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve system, and watching the ups and downs of financial markets.
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