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Counterpoint . . .

I just couldn't resist responding to Peter Sherba's letter about the NDP on Sept. 30. When a person puts their thoughts into print they should do a little research first.

No such thing as a tasty, healthy cookie

I judged a cookie contest this week, a charity fundraiser. Sat in the sunshine, nibbling baking with a pretty television news anchor named Astrid. Tough work, I know, but it was for the kids. Jack Knox lives to give.

It may be crude, but it’s not simple

Todd Whitcombe Speaking of Science Crude oil is not a single compound. Petroleum -- which literally means "rock oil" -- is a complex mixture of hydrocarbon compounds with a few other species thrown in.

Wear red

This is just a letter to the people of Prince George to remind them to show support for our troops, past and present.

Task force needed to push opportunities

To the citizens of Prince George who deserve a share of Canada's wealth. It follows that all the talk about value-added products from our forest industry should take place in your area.

‘Reliable source’ wasn’t

What we're supposed to offer, those of us in Sarah Palin's "lamestream media," is quality assurance.

Area schools have Thanksgiving on their plate

Students and staff of PGSS walked Masich Place Stadium in honour of Terry Fox Sept. 30. Thanks to Mr. Manhas and Mr. Flavel for organizing the event. Spring break, trip planning is full steam ahead with Mr. McFayden and Mr. Wood. Mr.

We can’t continue exploiting oil resources

On Oct. 4, Prince George city council discussed the Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance's request that Mayor Dan Rogers step down from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Alliance.

What’s in a name

It's hard not to notice the recently installed "objet d'art" at the intersection of 20th and Victoria. The figures appear so joyous and carefree as they leap, frolic and bound about seemingly without a care in the world.
2009 - Le Vieux Pin - Vala perfect with Fraser River sockeye

2009 - Le Vieux Pin - Vala perfect with Fraser River sockeye

Doug Jamieson is a local wine and food consultant, educator and writer.
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