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Riots are part of Canada

Some officials have wrapped themselves in the flag and stated that the vandallism and rioting displayed at the G20 meeting was "un-Canadian" and "this just doesn't happen here.

Cutbank trash dumpers are a deplorable bunch

I recently showed a lady who was new to Prince George the sites, that I held dear as a child, growing up here. We went to see the cutbanks and we were disgusted and appalled when we looked down there.

More thoughts on recall

After my letter of last week I have been asked if "recall" is appropriate for our MLA's.

No need for assault

I recently was involved in a "assault" by a young male between the age of 18 to 22 years of age? I don't understanding the reason that this happened in Prince George.

Saturna Island: Downhome affable

Jack Knox Slightly Skewed They're almost ready for the legendary 61st annual Canada Day lamb barbecue on Saturna Island. Haggis Farm Bakery is making the buns.

P.G. needs heavy industry like Enbridge pipeline

I'm rather surprised to see that there were no letters in your comment section on Monday defending the Enbridge pipeline. This town needs heavy industry, just to get back to where we were several years ago when the Canfor chip plant burned down.

Let's hear it for the vuvuzelas

I am writing in response to your editorial the other day. I was appalled at the racist tone about the vuvuzela at the World Cup. As a South African I am very proud ofmy country to be hosting the World Cup.

Science not just some airy-fairy concept

Earlier this month, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation released the results of a survey on the attitudes of youth towards science. Perhaps not surprisingly, the results were not good for chemistry.

Camping with pets can be a rewarding experience

Kathi Travers Animal Tracks Summertime means time to load up the car and head for that camping trip in one of B.C.'s wondrous forests and lakes.

Hospital staff amazing

I am writing to commend the staff of the Prince George hospital after my recent stay there.