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MLAs should support seniors

I have the pleasure of visiting our seniors recreation centres in Prince George on a regular basis.


Instead of our MLA Shirley Bond being worried about a brake being out of adjustment maybe she should concern herself with the rates that truckers are working for. I am sure that most truckers will agree with me.

More than one success story

I do not wish to dispute the success of Baldy Hughes as described in Friday's editorial "Little Big Man." I do dispute the statements made about other treatment centres, seemingly in an effort to make Baldy Hughes look better.

Outrageous behaviour

Bruce Whitestone Canada's Business If you had to pick something that marked the turning point for the financial community, you undoubtedly would choose the scandal surrounding that leading Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs.

Literacy: Got to celebrate it

Jack Knox Slightly Skewed For those keeping score at home, here's where we sit as Sarah Palin continues to justificiciate her abuseling of the English language: Last weekend, America's favourite future president/train wreck tweeted her desire for Mus

Be courteous

I am a parent to four teens, two of whom are learning to drive. What I have experienced from some drivers in our city is the complete lack of respect afforded to new drivers.

Sharing the road

A number of Citizen issues ago, I read an article about motorists sharing our P.G. roads with bicyclists. I thought the story to be both thoughtful and considerate for those on bicycles.

Dear P.G. drivers

Summer time is here concerning streets and highway speeds 50km - 60 km is mainly the speed limit here? Aggressive driving and paying attention to the road is what every one needs to do more of here in Prince George. Lyle Willis Prince George

Article in the Black

Serena Black's article about Mail Art and the exhibition at Island Mountain Arts gallery was really well written and researched. I know a little about Mail Art, my daughter is an art teacher who taught students mail art.

Time not right to sell tickets

Like many residents of Prince George, I was excited and am still glad to know that Elton John has made us one of the exclusive sites for his tour. I appreciate the coverage The Citizen has given this.