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Too much craftiness, not enough crafts

It seems a shame that a city the size of Prince George cannot support competitive craft stores. I had decided to paint a group of small pictures for which I needed a certain size canvass.

Wicked temptation

Hi, I would like to submit my opinion on people bringing in holiday treats. In most offices you visit, there will be one or more than one person on a strict diet.

Catchment changes

The governance and policy committee has put forward proposed changes to an existing policy around catchment, kindergarten registration, school transfers and priority or non-priority shown to siblings upon entrance to School District 57 schools.

A historic battle

Transparency. Accountability. Secrecy. Conspiracy. The first two are the promises that political parties like to make during an election.

More good than harm in WikiLeaks haul

VICTORIA - The release of thousands of secret documents that reveal what governments are really saying about each other undoubtedly poses risks.

The fluoridated water conspiracy

This past week, the University of Northern BC was host to a small health fair. I was generally impressed with the quality of information being presented, that is, until I came across the fluoridated water booth.

One red from the Old World, two from the New

Al Spoklie By The Glass A well-made wine is one of life's little pleasures. Here are three of the pleasures I have tried these past few weeks, each wine from a different continent, and each with its own history and expression of its terroir.

Car accident left teen girls badly injured

In the letter about the lady who caused the accident and has her dog missing: I am appalled that it would state that there was no serious injuries to the people in the accident. The car that was hit, both teenage girls have broken backs.

Mother against dumb driving

A mom will cause an accident. I witness a lot of mom's driving at our schools. There is the back-up mom who reverses with snow covered mirrors and windows. There is the handicap mom who uses the handicapped for easy access.

Reader can’t support Telus satellite service

Dear Mr. Entwistle Telus CEO: I would like to tell you I will no longer be subscribing to your Telus satellite service, because it is no good to us here in Vanderhoof.
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