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HST debate not over

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that I was on the debating team in high school. Minister Pat Bell was not. I know this because Minister Bell and I went to the same high school, albeit at slightly different times.

On the bright side ... waterboarding

The lack of snow in Whistler has many people, and not just Vanoc, concerned. How would it look if we held a winter Olympics in one of the world's greatest winter wonderlands and there was no snow.

Important issue

Re Canda's Competition Bureau and the MLS system This is an important issue because it affects the majority of the population, our nation's largest industry and the principle of freedom of choice.

Torch service

I was looking for information about the torch relay in my community as I was unable to attend the day it come through. To my amazement there wasn't any photos listed on the CTV Olympic site or the YOU Gotta Be Here site either.

Shear the flock

Tiberius, Roman emperor from Ad - 14 said it best, "It is the part of the good shepherd to shear his flock, not skin it". I have several questions for Councillor Basserman.

They benefit

We continue to get bombarded by various politicians, and others about how good the HST tax is for B.C. citizens. Problem is, the people who are supporting this tax, for the most part, are the people who will benefit from it.

West Fraser reports loss

West Fraser Timber reported a loss of $20 million in the fourth quarter of 2009, and losses of $341 million for the year, as the company was hit hard by poor lumber markets.


Whats New. Part of Mr. Rogers neighborhood pre-election campaign was, It has come to our attention that people believe I study things far to much, I want you to know that I am decisive. That is not a verbatum quote, but words to that effect.

Youngest ever!

You published a picture of Sydney Wilson with an article by Bernice Trick on Feb 3. It was well done as far as it went, but it failed to express the magnitude of her accomplishment of winning the overall B.C.


We have just listened to Mr. McAllister's (Encana) official public apology for the uncontrolled release of toxic gas south of Pouce Coupe (Nov. 22, 2009). He apologized for the "disruption".
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