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Mayor not afraid to buck trend

One of the duties of being a politician is meeting and greeting with different people, groups and organizations in your political territory, and recently Mayor Dan Rogers met with another group of young people in this city.

Poor service common in P.G.

As a former server myself I felt I had to reply to yesterday's letter. Tips are not a guarantee in all restaurants. If they were, then they would be added on to the bill.

Indoor soccer an eye opener for team, fans

There were a lot of expectations for the first professional sports franchise in Prince George over the weekend, unfortunately those expectations were that the team would be hammered by not only the Tacoma Stars who they played on the weekend, but by

If you don’t like the job, find another one

In response to '" Servers treated poorly " in wednesday's Citizen, I would like to say. Hannah Cameron is quick to include in the letter " the majority of people in Prince George are clueless and/or inconsiderate.

Teachers reject FSA testing

Once again, the Ministry of Education is subjecting students and schools to another round of the Foundation Skills Assessments (FSA).

Why wake Wiebo the weird?

They're the different folks who put the that-ain't-right into community journalism.

Public has rights, too

I would like to know where "the right to breastfeed in public" is written in the Charter of Rights. The thing that the people who are so stong about breast feeding anywhere anytime are missing, is that other people have "rights" too.

Dementia explosion falling on deaf ears

Thank you for your editorial and article today on our aging population and the dementia explosion.

Ryan Howse a player to watch

If you're not aware, a quick check of the WHL stats page shows that local product, Ryan Howse, leads ALL WHL goal scorers (not just a small lead either - 5 up on the next closest).

A cesspool of garbage

As a mother or father you fear for your childrens' safety on a regular basis, but it's pretty pathetic when your daughter, a young girl of the age 15, can't have a simple paper route in this city without being manhandled and verbally assaulted first
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