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Out the window

Once again we see a large letter to the editor on how good the HST is.

What about the taxpayer?

In the January 18 Prince George Citizen, the president and CEO of Initiatives Prince George wrote a glowing article supporting the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) here in British Columbia.

Negative energy

I wonder what the world would be like if people stopped wasting all of the negative energy it takes to complain about harmless things going on in their city.

Here's a tip - to gov't!

"To tip or not to tip" is not the question!! It's time our government raised the minimun wage to $10 per hour so worker's do not have to rely on tips to eke out a living. Julia Cook Prince George

Stop coddling

While watching the news, I saw a controversy over some provincial tests for students. Right or wrong, it seems to me that it's an effort to homogenize children into a uniform segment of society.

HST eating up savings

I got my gas bill the other day, and it contained a nice surprise, in that my monthly payment is dropping considerably on the next bill. Thanks, Terasen.

Bad experience made better

I was driving up foothills late Wednesday night and hit a patch of black ice. This forced my car out of control even though I was doing under the speed limit. I hit the snow bank and was stuck on ice unable to move my car.

Gang of different

I have a simple question. I see a lady wearing her rcmp shirt today that boldly stated "RCMP we ARE the biggest gang on the streets".

Don't mind me

The mind works in mysterious ways When it works at all, that is. Recently, I've begun to wonder. About everything.

A viable cost saving measure?

A cost saving measure? Are there about 15,000 households in Prince George? And in huge quantity, do the municipal calendars, cancelled as a cost saving measure this year, cost less than two dollars each? And do the bureaucrats creating these recommen
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