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One lousy job

Dear Minister Margeret MacDiarmid and party, I suggest you fire all the school board members and trustees in all districts for doing such a lousy job of balancing the budget with all the per-student increases you have given them.

Nine happening days

On behalf of the 2009-2010 Prince George Folkfest Society board of directors I would like to say an enormous thank you to all those who rallied around the Coldsnap Music Festival Jan. 22 to 30 making it a great success for our community and beyond.

A better outcome

Our son Logan Murphy was seriously injured in an accident that happened at our home in Buckhorn on Jan. 26/2010.

The Beggar's Checklist

Anyone with an ounce of commonsense is quickly coming to the realization that when it comes to setting a 2010 budget this Council just doesn't get it.

Strong emotions

After attending the first of several school closure consultation meetings at Shady Valley, I was left with strong emotions and unanswered questions.

Open Letter to the School Board

There is some confusion about why the District Sustainability Committee came up with a single plan first and are only now in the process of holding consultations with the families of those children that will be affected.

HST debate not over

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that I was on the debating team in high school. Minister Pat Bell was not. I know this because Minister Bell and I went to the same high school, albeit at slightly different times.

On the bright side ... waterboarding

The lack of snow in Whistler has many people, and not just Vanoc, concerned. How would it look if we held a winter Olympics in one of the world's greatest winter wonderlands and there was no snow.

Important issue

Re Canda's Competition Bureau and the MLS system This is an important issue because it affects the majority of the population, our nation's largest industry and the principle of freedom of choice.

Torch service

I was looking for information about the torch relay in my community as I was unable to attend the day it come through. To my amazement there wasn't any photos listed on the CTV Olympic site or the YOU Gotta Be Here site either.
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