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The same problems

As School district 57 contemplates closures of more schools whatever we do we will be left with the same problems. Our schools were designed by individuals who reside in the south. Insulation was not really considered at that time to be important.

Thanks to doc, staff

The Coutts Family would like to thank Dr. Lokanathan and the Prince George hospital staff, as well as the Air Ambulance Service for all their professional and compassionate care.

Is more drugs the answer

This letter is for Evan Wood, MD, PHD director Urban Health Initiative.

City hall buffoons

I see the buffoons of city hall are at it again. They are letting a non-elected entity try to levy a tax to support some ill-fated cause. If the businesses downtown can't operate and maintain their businesses, it's time to quit.

Garbage hike !?

We have had a hike already on garbage. (Utility Notice) Do the councilors take into consideration the businesses, jobs that are lost in Prince George? We put out our garbage once every two weeks.


I am absolutely gob-smacked. In the news during the sports report, I heard a six second bite about the women's hockey team. they won, 13-1, over Sweden.

Inane and useless

Someone please help me before I go off the deep end. Why have the hockey play-by-play announcers gotten so bad? The regular season NHL announcing is slowly deteriorating especially TSN. Now the Olympic play-by-play is the worst ever.

The first sign of spring

Some people watch for the first red-breasted robin, others watch for tufts of green grass on their lawn or the first crocus trying to poke out of the warming soil.

Possibilities, possibilities

Like Brigadoon, the seventh door of Kun Lun or a crack shortage in downtown Prince George, a once-in-a-generation event may be occurring on the northern B.C. political scene.

No easy road dealing with addicts, pushers

Pretty much everyone will attest that drugs are a scourge on our society. Every day, drugs have devastating effects on millions of people around the world, including here in Prince George.
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