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Gay vote won’t make difference to Rogers’ chances

Why I wonder why would Mr. Gatehouse put pen to paper for such a non issue as the mayor on the front page of the Citizen with a person who lives an alternate lifestyle.

Carbon offset market providing opportunity

After reading your Jan. 22 editorial it is clear that I need to set the record straight about how carbon markets work.

Government mismanaging precious tax dollars

So here we go again, no money in the budget for education. The boards and trustees in their spinelessness, decided we need to close 14 schools and we need to make up the shortfalls.

Airline travel creates excessive emissions

Global warming alarmists who are buzzing around the planet on jet planes preaching how CO2 emissions are harming the planet and how we should all do our part to cut these CO2 emissions and save ourselves and the planet, here is some seldom mentioned

Education needs overhaul

Is the educational system broken and in need of a complete review or is this just a case of pumping more money into the system? Personally it's not realistic to think more money will fix the situation we are faced with today.

Health care treatment appreciated

After years of listening to disparaging remarks regarding the BC Health Care system and Prince George Regional Hospital in particular, I recently developed a medical emergency requiring the services of the PGRH Emergency Room and Internal Medicine Un

Choice schools should be saved

I am a very concerned parent with a very concerned child. We attend Central Fort George traditional of the schools affected by the closure..... I looked at seven different schools before choosing this one.

Keep my school open or my kids will go private

I am a parent of two children who attend Central Fort George traditional school. As a parent I had to make a decision as to which school to put my children in with the intent for them to attend until high school.

Anonymous generosity came at perfect time

I would like to say a very Heart Felt Thank you to the wonderful person who anonymously gave my family a very significant Save-On gift card. It could not have come at a more needed time in our lives.

Benefit if bigotry rolled out for all

There has been a flurry of letters about homosexuality, bigotry, and intolerance in the letters to the editor column of late. Many have expressed dismay that bigotry and intolerance are alive and well in Prince George.