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Local Arts

Francophone Winter Festival

Festival d'hiver 2010 Francaphone winter Festival is part of le cercle des canadiens franais' 50th Anniversary celebration, which will take place Saturday to Feb. 6. Opening ceremonies will take place Saturday at 8 p.m.

Variety of entertainment at Books & Co.

Two very special northern BC authors are launching their new works this week at Books & Company. On Friday, famed poet Barry McKinnon introduces his new work, In the Millennium, at a gathering in ArtSpace at 7:30 p.m.

Celebration of poet's life is a family event

It's time for a traditional Scottish celebration as the birth of poet Robbie Burns approaches. Excalibur Theatre Arts Company has held a special event on the Saturday closest to Burn's Jan. 25 birth date for years.

Improv and acting new lessons to learn

Improv and acting are two different things and yet they can be partnered in one successful entertainer. Kat Coulter and Dave Leach will be teaching improv and acting, in new classes at Excalibur Theatre Arts Company.

Newberry & Lamb rock their folk songs

Catching up with an artist in Wells there is a question whether he sings rock songs with folk sensibilities or folk songs with rock sensibilities.

DJ scratches itch

A Juno-nominated musician from North Vancouver found his way to Prince George last year and he's going to stay for a while.

Locals share the stage during Coldsnap

There's a strong local presence at the Coldsnap Festival, including youth bands that will be showcased at the Prince George Playhouse Jan. 30.

Southern Death Threat good news for Prince George

Uttering death threats is against the law. Don't do it. Listening to Southern Death Threat not against the law. You need to do it.

Making beautiful music together

Two high school chums in Toronto discovered they had a lot in common during their music class and now ten years later, they are still finding out about each other.