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Calling Stolz's bluff

I would like to send my praise to your news paper after calling Cameron Stoltz's bluff. As a citizen whom has lived all over this great country, I have been living in Prince George for the last four years.

Tiger sees shadow, declares need for more therapy

Pass me a hanky. Tiger Wood's tug at America's heartstrings, with his scripted, stilted apology moved me to tears. Crocodile tears, admittedly, but tears nonetheless. Tiger has also inspired me.

No to the Olympics

Perhaps next week the shining onslaught of mass hysteria and mainstream hypnosis that is the frivously-corrupt Olympics will have choked with red mittens the remaining oxygen from the last dissenter's brain. Perhaps next week.

With addiction, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The Baldy Hughes Therapeutic Community represents a design of treatment which is directed primarily toward recovery from substance abuse through personal growth, which requires abstinence from mind-altering substances, including prescription drugs us

Thanks for the people of Haiti

Thank you again for your sponsorship and support for the recent benefit concert at the playhouse for the people of Haiti.


A letter to Margaret Macdiarmid, Minister of Education I am writing in concern for our local school, it has been put on a list for closure. Hixon Elementary is at the south end of School District #57. We have 33 students attending this year.

Beggar's Checklist, Pt. 2

With the assistance of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation, here is the second part of a list of things that this council could do to not only bring in a zero tax increase this year, but at the same time show the leadership that we thought we were get

Theatre lacks third dimension?

I would like to think we live in a fairly large city, so why can we not get 3D movies here? I asked the Theatre and did not receive a response. I guess when you have no competition, there is no reason to upgrade.

Stand up to the Liberals

I see in Thursday's paper that we have at least one school district that has the backbone to stand up to the Liberals and say they may just run a deficit and see what happens.


There is currently a blockade in Tl'azten Nation near Fort St. James preventing chief and council from entering the band office.
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