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Pound of salt

In an age when a politicians comments should be taken with a pinch, if not a pound, of salt it is refreshing to hear the unvarnished truth from one. I'm referring to the words of Shirley Bond regarding her activities in Vancouver during the Olympics.

Financial gurus setting themselves up for yet another major tumble


Global, Citizen disgusting

First off my heart goes out to Nodar Kumaritashvili's family and friends. What a terrible tragedy this is. I would also like to add how utterly disgusting and unclassy it was for Global News to broadcast that video to the whole viewing public.

Unlike a gift horse, look your pets in the mouth

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. It is time to grasp the important part of your pet's anatomy that is often overlooked, the mouth.

Time to school the Liberal government

Recently while reading The Citizen I noticed an advertisement for private education.

End asbestos exports

Jay Hill, please could you let us know what your response is to our appeal to you, which we made personally and in a letter on Jan.

At the library

The Armand Gamache Mystery Series by Louise Penny Move over Inspector Morse and Hercule Poirot.

Cheers to two wonderful Cats

Today was a day that two patients on the paediatric floor had been waiting for. The Prince George Cougars have a program that allows their players to come visit our sick kids on the paediatric floor and today was that day.

New Citizen columnist has 40 years experience in investments, economy

Bruce Whitestone, an economist, was educated at Yale University (where he graduated with top scholastic honours) and McGill University Graduate School.

More empty seats

I too have had a gut full of the Cougars. Mr. Aben is dead wrong about the two empty seats - there will be five as I can see no point in forcing myself to go to a game that we know will be a loss before we leave home.
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