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Can't sleep

Since the day I heard about the school closure recommendations in Prince George, I haven't had a decent night's sleep. I am the parent of a first grade student at Nukko Lake elementary.

Samaritans should be helped

On Jan. 30 while walking along Ospika Boulevard, an SUV struck Stanley Heavysides. He later succumbed to his injuries.

Fair treatment

RE: Sedan Samaritans' ICBC claim clouded, Prince George Citizen, Feb 11 2010, Page 3 Our top concerns at ICBC are to treat every customer fairly and to respect their privacy. These are absolutes by which we run our business.

Enough excuses

I'm not unhappy with the kids, just the organization. Can we get a banner for the most losses? The last time the Cougars results were this similar was in 1989-90 in Victoria they played 72 games and lost 65.

Protest was about cuts

I (as a protest organizer)just want everyone who is speaking against us to know that WE ARE NOT in any way protesting the Olympics, it's too late for that. We chose that location because it seems to be a symbolic location.

A red, a white and a chocolate, too

New vintages and wines continue to be introduced to our store. Last week, two wines arrived - Majella 'The Musician' and New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc - both are new and definitely worth trying.

B.C. looking to oust RCMP?

B.C. Solicitor General Kash Heed is on a mission. It's an exploratory nibble at this point, but our top B.C. policeman is suggesting he may be gunning for a provincial police force to replace the RCMP. The current RCMP contract with B.C.

Enjoy the Olympics, but consider our future

It has been said that the death of one person is a tragedy but the death of a million is a statistic.

No end to plastic?

Where does all our plastic go? Lets talk true recycling..paper, problem. I know I've been a recycler for a while now and have found all the plastics being collected (only milk jugs) are only stockpiled locally.

Roof gutters need to be resealed periodically

Q. We have aluminum gutters that constantly leak in the corners. I would like to attempt to repair them myself and need your advice as to what product and procedure I should use.
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