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Prince George’s Miracle Theatre once again raising money for local kids

Proceeds from 'The Birds and the Bees' will grow Children of Prince George Fund

Prince George’s Miracle Theatre is raising money for the city’s children once again through its new upcoming production of The Birds and the Bees.

“The audiences were wonderfully enthusiastic about the play last year and allowed Miracle Theatre to set a new record fundraising $84,000 to get the Children of Prince George Fund started,” said Miracle Theatre producer Anne Laughlin.

Miracle Theatre, which is run by Laughlin and director Ted Price, hosts a production each year to raise money for local non-profits and charities.

The Children of Prince George Fund was established by Miracle Theatre six months ago through the proceeds from the very successful production of Halfway There.

The investment and interest income from The Children’s Fund, under the trusteeship of the Prince George Community Foundation (PGCF), is dispersed annually to Prince George charities that help the development and well-being of children.

Laughlin and Price joked they were forced to donate the proceeds from The Birds and the Bees to the children’s fund once again because of the determination of PGCF founding member Noreen Rustad.

“She was determined to do the exact same darn thing all over again and again for the Prince George Community Foundation,” said Price. “You do not mess around when Noreen Rustad strides into the room with that fierce look of determination on her face.”

Laughlin says the goal for the upcoming production to raise a minimum of $71,298.

This is the exact amount needed for Miracle Theatre’s donations to the city non-profits to reach $300,000 over four years of productions.

It will also allow the Children of Prince George Fund to grow to over $150,000.

“The goal of the Prince George community foundation and Miracle Theatre is to grow this fund even more so that the interest earned can play a larger role for children in our community,” said PGCF president Alain LeFebvre.

Laughlin and Price have obtained the rights to The Birds and the Bees, which is a comedy by Mark Crawford about a beekeeper's endless quest to find the perfect woman. 

Price noted it’s one of the most in-demand plays in Canada and, for two years, Miracle Theatre had been trying to secure the rights for this particular production.

“This summer, we went to Toronto and we talked to the playwright’s agent and we pitched our case, and we got the rights,” added Laughlin.

Actors will be recruited nationally and the production is being cast and contracted with the cooperation of Canadian Actor’s Equity Association.

“The remarkably successful playwright Moss Hart once said ‘One of the great virtues of theatre is the ability to delight,’ well, hopefully, Miracle Theatre can bring just a little bit of delight to our corner of the world,” said Price.

The play will run Feb. 12 to Mar. 4 at Art Space above Books and Company.

Owen Lubbers, owner of Books and Company, has donated the space which will be converted into a theatre with the installation of a stage and tiered seating.

Tickets are $34 dollars and are available at Books and Company (1685 3 Ave).