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Prince George theatre production is raising money to help local kids

Miracle Theatre partners with Prince George Community Foundation to establish a 'Children of Prince George Fund'
Ted Price and Anne Laughlin announce the Miracle Theatre partnership with the PG Community Foundation at the Coast Inn of the North (via Hanna Petersen).

A Prince George Theatre production is raising money to help kids in Prince George thrive.

Miracle Theatre, which is run by producer Anne Laughlin and director Ted Price, hosts a production each year to raise money for local non-profits and charities.

This year, they'll be donating all proceeds from their 2019 production to the Prince George Community Foundation to establish the “Children of Prince George Fund.”

“We’re especially keen on the idea of contributing to a Community Foundation – that’s because we know the money we raise for the Prince George Community Foundation will never ever stop giving to others, year after year,” says Price.

The investment income from these funds will be dispersed annually to Prince George charities that help the development of children in the community.

“The philanthropic approach that Ted and Anne have brought to Prince George is just unbelievable,” says Mayor Lyn Hall, who spoke at Miracle Theatre’s announcement at the Coast Inn of the North on Tuesday (Sept. 25).

“The city has a granting program and every year it is oversubscribed; you can only do so much with tax dollars from a granting perspective. There are organizations in this community that can’t fulfil their obligations and Ted and Anne have filled some of that void.”

He noted School District 57’s hot meals program as one example of a program working to assist children in need.

“By donating this money to the community foundation, to help children in our community, I cannot thank you enough,” adds Hall.

Miracle Theater’s last three productions raised more than $144,000. For example, their second production of The Last Romance Raised over $52,144 to help equip Prince George’s new breast imaging centre.

For their upcoming production, Miracle Theater has obtained the rights to the play Halfway There by Norm Foster, Canada’s most produced playwright. The fundraising goal has been set at $55,335.58.

“And while raising these funds, it’s again also our goal to contribute to our city’s arts; and at the same time, bring people a whole lot of fun and pleasure,” says Laughlin.

The play will be produced by Laughlin and directed by Price. The duo is recruiting actors nationally, as the cast is being contracted with the co-operation of Canada’s Actor’s Equity Association.

Although they’ve only just announced their latest production, Miracle Theatre already has 12 per cent of the project funded by two anonymous sponsors and Scotiabank.

The play will take place from Feb. 28 to March 20 in Art Space, above Books and Company (owner Owen Lubbers has donated the space). It's located at 1685 Third Ave.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the production can contact the Prince George Community Foundation at 250-562-7772.

Tickets for the play will be available at Books and Company and cost $33.