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Both Prince George ridings advance voting numbers see spike on last day ahead of 2020 B.C. election

More than 6,500 ballots were cast in each riding over seven days
(via Twitter/Elections BC)

More Prince George voters decided to take advantage of advance polling on the last day to do so. 

As per Elections BC data released today (Oct. 22), 1,224 Prince George-Mackenzie voters cast ballots yesterday (Oct. 21), its highest number to date, out of a total of 34,433 registered voters. 

Prince George-Valemount had its second-highest day of advance voting with 1,391 ballots recorded out of 26,700 registered residents.

The riding's highest day was the first day of voting on Oct. 15 which saw 1,395. 


  • Thursday, Oct. 15 = 1,046
  • Friday, Oct. 16 = 740 
  • Saturday, Oct. 17 = 946
  • Sunday, Oct. 18 = 558 
  • Monday, Oct. 19 = 917
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20 = 1,028
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21 = 1,224 
  • Total = 6,459
  • Seven-day voter turnout = 18 per cent 


  • Thursday, Oct. 15 = 1,395
  • Friday, Oct. 16 = 1,075
  • Saturday, Oct. 17 = 790 
  • Sunday, Oct. 18 = 641
  • Monday, Oct. 19 = 795
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20 = 1,065
  • Wednesday, Oct 21 = 1,391
  • Total = 7,152
  • Seven-day voter turnout = 19 per cent 

The two ridings combined filled out 13,611 ballots out of 71,133 registered voters, which equates to 19 per cent 

The province collectively saw 681,858 voters out of the registered 3,485,858, which also saw a 20 per cent turnout. 

As for vote-by-mail packages, B.C. voters requested 724,279 which equates to 21 per cent of those registered. Elections BC says they have 396,900 packages as of Oct. 21 at 11:59 p.m. which is roughly 55 per cent. 

In Prince George-Mackenzie, a total of 4,652 packages were requested by voters out of the 34,433 registered voters which equals 14 per cent. 

Prince George-Valemount voters requested 4,563 vote-by-mail packages out of the 36,700 registered voters which equates to 12 per cent. 

Both ridings combined requested 9,215 ballots out of 71,133 voters which equals 13 per cent.

The estimated number of returned packages does not include:

  • Packages received by Canada Post that are currently in transit to Elections BC for return processing
  • Packages dropped off at a district electoral office or voting place

Here's more information for general voting day, ID needed and COVID-19 precautions. 

Prince George-Valemount General Voting Day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24

  • Blackburn Community Centre - 2451 Blackburn Rd. S., Prince George
  • Buckhorn Elementary School - 5190 Buckhorn Lake Rd., Buckhorn
  • Columbus Community Centre - 7201 Domano Blvd., Prince George
  • Dome Creek Community Centre - 13766 - Dome Creed Rd., Dome Creek
  • Dunster Community Hall - 7085 Read Red., Dunster
  • Elks Hall - 172 Holdway St., McBride
  • Ferndale Tabour Fire Department - 16315 Giscome Rd., Ferndale
  • First Baptist Church - 483 Gillett St., Prince George
  • Harwin Elementary School - 1193 Harper St., Prince George
  • Hixon Elementary School - 378 Lockyer Rd., Hixon
  • Pineview Elementary School - 8515 Old Cariboo Hwy., Prince George
  • Prince George Civic Centre - 808 Canada Games Way - Prince George
  • Prince George Secondary School - 2901 Griffiths Ave., Prince George
  • Sinclair Mills Community Hall - 37832 Upper Fraser Rd., Sinclair Mills 
  • Southridge Elementary School - 7300 Southridge Ave., Prince George
  • Valemount Community Hall - 101 Gorse St., Valemount
  • Van Bien Elementary School - 311 Wilson Cres., Prince George
  • Vanway Elementary School - 4509 Highway 16 W., Prince George
  • Westwood Elementary School - 2633 Vanier Dr., Prince George
  • Willow River Firehall - 524 Railway Ave., Willow River

Prince George-Mackenzie General Voting day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24

  • Bear Lake Commission - 353 Grizzly Ave., Bear Lake
  • Beaverly Elementary School - 9777 Western Rd., Prince George
  • Christ Our Saviour Church Hall - 4514 Austin Rd. W., Prince George
  • D.P. Todd Secondary School - 4444 Hill Ave., Prince George
  • Edgewood Elementary School - 4440 Craig Dr., Prince George
  • Foothills Elementary School - 4375 Eaglenest Cres., Prince George
  • Hart Highlands Elementary School - 2233 Sussex Lane., Prince George
  • Heather Park Elementary School - 7151 Heather Park Rd., Prince George
  • Kinsmen Club of Prince George - 777 Kinsmen Pl., Prince George
  • Mackenzie Secondary School - 500 Skeena Dr., Mackenzie
  • McLeod Lake Community Hall - 48189 Hwy 97 - McLeod Lake
  • Miworth Community Hall - 13510 Flint Rd., Prince George
  • Ness Lake Community Hall - 8770 Lakeside Dr., Reid Lake
  • Nukko Lake Community Hall - 23485 Chief Lake Rd., Nukko Lake
  • Pinewood Elementary School - 4140 Campbell Ave., Prince George
  • Prince George Family Worship Centre = 3400 Hart Hwy., Prince George
  • Quinson Elementary School - 251 S. Ogilvie St., Prince George
  • Salmon Valley Community Hall - 17735 Trout Rd., Salmon Valley
  • Summit Lake Community Hall - 1280 Adams Rd., Summit Lake

Voters can also cast a ballot at a district electoral office now until 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Prince George-Valemount: 

Prince George-Mackenzie


  • Physical distancing
  • Capacity limits
  • Election officials wearing personal protective equipment (masks, face-visors, etc.) 
  • Protective barriers
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Frequent cleaning of voting stations and frequently touched surfaces
  • Election workers trained on safe workplace guidelines and pandemic protocols

Elections BC also recommends bringing your own pen or pencil to vote.

It is also recommended voters wear masks if they wish to do so. You will not be asked to remove a mask to vote. 


Option One: Show ONE piece of the following ID: 

  • A BC Driver Licence 
  • A BC Identification Card
  • A BC Services Card (with photo) 
  • Another card issued by the Government of B.C. or Canada that shows name, photo and address 
  • A Certificate of Indian Status

Option Two: Show any of the following two pieces of ID or documents that both show your name. At least one MUST have your current address.

Government-issued identity documents:

  • BC Care Card
  • BC Servies Card (without photo) 
  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian Forces Photo Identification Card
  • Citizenship certificate 
  • Correctional Service Canada Offender Identification Card
  • Firearms Possession and Acquisition License 
  • Firearms Possession Only 
  • Old Age Security Identification Card
  • Social Insurance Number card
  • Veterans Affairs Canada Health Care Identification card

Other government-issued documents: 

  • Canada Child Tax Benefit Statement
  • Government cheque or cheque stub
  • Income tax assessment notice
  • Statement of Canada Pension Plan benefits
  • Statement of government employment insurance benefits paid

School, college or university documents: 

  • Bank/credit card or statement
  • Confirmation of Residence (3007)
  • Hospital bracelet/document
  • Insurance statement
  • Membership card
  • Mortgage statement
  • Personal cheque (printed by bank)
  • Prescription bottle
  • Provincial Where to Vote card 
  • Public transportation pass
  • Residential lease
  • Statutory declaration prepared by a lawyer or notary public attesting a voter's identify and/or residence

Electronic documents (e.g. e-bills) and electronic scans of a paper document are acceptable; hand-written information on a document is not.

Option Three: Voters who don’t have identification can have their identity vouched for by another person.

Vouchers must be: 

  • A registered voter resident in the voter's electrical district or
  • A spouse, parent, grandparent, adult child, adult grandchild or adult sibling of the voter or
  • A person with the authority to make personal care decisions for the voter

Vouchers must provide acceptable ID. The voter and the voucher must each make a solemn declaration confirming the voter’s identity and residential address.

A voucher who is not the voter’s relative or personal care authority may only vouch for one voter. A relative may vouch for any voters who are members of their family. A personal care authority may vouch for all voters over whom they have written authority.

A voter who has been vouched for may not vouch for another voter in that election.