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Here’s a crash course on the Prince George candidates running in the 2020 B.C. Election

Need to do last-minute election homework before you vote?
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Get to know who is running in both Prince George ridings in the 2020 B.C. election. (via Contributed)

If you need to do some last-minute research on your local candidates before you cast your vote on Saturday (Oct. 21) we’ve assembled a helpful list of candidate profiles.

We’ve been interviewing the local candidates in both Prince George ridings during the election cycle so you can get to know them better and make a more informed decision.

You can find links to the full profiles below.

Prince George-Valemount:

Mackenzie Kerr, BC Green Party

MACKENZIEKERR1Mackenzie Kerr, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Greens in Prince George-Valemount. (via Kyle Balzer, PrinceGeorgeMatters)

“I’m not going anywhere until I can tell my great-grandchildren that I did everything I could to make our community better than I found it and did it with grace, class and accountability.”

Read the full profile here.

Laura Parent, BC NDP

IMG_7568PSLaura Parent, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the NDP in Prince George-Valemount. (via Jess Fedigan, PrinceGeorgeMatters)

“It’s really important to have different perspectives in government. When you have someone new that can represent a riding, you get new ideas, change and energy into the role.”

Read the full profile here.

Sean Robson, BC Libertarian Party

SEANPS1Sean Robson, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Libertarians in Prince George-Valemount. (via BC Libertarian Party)

“I think voting for me would be a signal flare for the rest of the province. I think it would throw a big one up and say there are people ready to start change and not repeat, rehash the same two different governments, that we’ve had for how many years now."

Read the full profile here.

Shirley Bond, BC Liberal Party

IMG_258834214321432143124123Shirley Bond, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Liberals in Prince George-Valemount. (via Jess Fedigan, PrinceGeorgeMatters)

"I am a lifelong northerner. I have a very vested interest in wanting to serve this region, the province. We’ve raised our children here. Our son and daughter-in-law are raising our grandsons here. I care a great deal about ensuring that northern British Columbians have a strong, experienced voice in Victoria."

Read the full profile here.

Prince George-Mackenzie:

Mike Morris, BC Liberal Party

IMG_1571PSMike Morris, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Liberals in Prince George-Mackenzie. (via Jess Fedigan, PrinceGeorgeMatters)

“Now more than ever we need strong representation in government and both Shirley and I have that experience in government. We are extremely familiar with the issues in the region, the economic issues and opportunities to diversify our resource economy, so this is when we need the experience on the ground.”

Read the full profile here.

Joan Atkinson, BC NDP

Joan Atkinson - NDP Prince George-MackenzieJoan Atkinson, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the NDP in Prince George-Mackenzie. (via Kyle Balzer, PrinceGeorgeMatters)

“I love being a councillor for the District of Mackenzie and the mayor of the last couple of years, but I realized that in order to have a strong voice to initiate some change, particularly with the forest industry — because that is a huge economic driver in the north, my time would be best spend in Victoria fighting for those changes.”

You can read the full profile here.

Catharine Kendall, BC Green Party

22-catharine-kendallCatharine Kendall, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Greens in Prince George-Mackenzie. (via Contributed)

“We really need a direct approach for harm reduction and making sure we are meeting the needs of the people where they are at. We have so many systems and approaches of services where we are trying to put square pegs into round holes and those just don’t fit certain people.”

You can read the full profile here.

Raymond Rodgers, BC Libertarian Party

Raymond-Rodgers-scaled-e1601952147237Raymond Rodgers, 2020 B.C. election candidate for the Libertarians in Prince George-Mackenzie. (via BC Libertarian Party)

“I want to let everyone know that I am willing to stand up and do my public service and hopefully I can do what is best for the Prince George-Mackenzie riding at the same time doing what’s best for British Columbians.”

You can read the full profile here.

Dee Kranz, Christian Heritage Party of BC

Need more information?

Check out the local candidates' forums for both ridings below, used with the permission of and PG Chamber of Commerce.

Prince George-Valemount:


Prince George-Makcenzie:


Don’t forget to vote on Saturday, Oct. 24!

Don’t know where or how to vote? You can find that information here!