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Week 11: Prince George Senior Men’s Baseball recap

Two wins in a short week for the defending-champion Orioles
PGSBL - Orioles Jon Bourassa 2
JRJ Construction Orioles' pitcher Jon Bourassa on the mound in Prince George Senior Men's Baseball action (via Kyle Balzer)

Highlights from Prince George’s Senior Men’s Baseball League (PGSBL) from the week ending on today (Aug. 2).

Monday, July 29 (First of two games)

  • 7 - Inland Control and Services Tigers
  • 4 - Queensway Auto World Red Sox

The last-place Tigers pulled off a major upset in PGSBL this week, delivering a three-run victory over the top-ranked Red Sox.

This was only the Sox’ third loss of 2019 with three games left on their schedule.

Monday, July 29 (Second of two games)

  • 7 - JRJ Construction Orioles
  • 0 - D.O.B Contracting Gladiators

The 9 p.m. start proved to be too much for the Gladiators, getting shut out for just the second time this season.

For the O’s, it's the fourth time they didn’t allow a scored run.

Tuesday, July 30

  • 5 - JRJ Construction Orioles
  • 4 - Prince George Surg Med Midget Knights

The Orioles extended their win streak to three games and got back to 500 on the season after this close contest.

The O’s were down 4-2 going into the bottom of the sixth inning, took a walk and a hit-by-pitch that allowed Kalen Kirkpatrick to score an RBI single and cut the deficit.

After Dustin Aldana’s sacrifice fly brought in the tying run, Knights pitcher Richard French walked the next two batters and Kirkpatrick took the winning jog to home plate.

(NOTE: Week was shortened due to Knights’ prior commitment to B.C. Minor Baseball)


  • 14-3 = Red Sox
  • 8-8 = Orioles
  • 7-10 = Knights
  • 6-10 = Gladiators
  • 7-11 = Tigers

There are four games scheduled at Citizen Field next week following the August long weekend.

A doubleheader will take place on Tuesday (Aug. 6); the Knights will face the Gladiators at 6:30 p.m. and the Red Sox will host the Orioles at 9 p.m.

A full schedule is available on the PGSBL website.