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Lheidli T’enneh, McLeod Lake Indian Band to develop natural gas processing plant

Nations are partnering with Formula Capital Corporation to develop the facility
McLeod Lake Indian Band Chief Harley Chingee (left) and Lheidli T'enneh Dayi Clay Pountney speak about the new industrial park. | Hanna Petersen, PrinceGeorgeMatters

A natural gas liquid (NGL) processing complex is being considered within the proposed Shas Ti-Dlezeh Industrial Park, approximately 40 km north of Prince George.

Lheidli T’enneh Nation, McLeod Lake Indian Band and Formula Capital Corporation (FCC) have announced a partnership to develop these facilities for the processing and upgrading of NGL. 

“Today’s announcement builds on the vision of our two Nations’ established partnership to develop the Shas Ti-Dlezeh Industrial Park in the North Fraser area," says Lheidli T’enneh Dayi Clay Pountney in a news release this morning (Feb. 22).

"We are pleased to welcome Formula Capital Corporation as a partner to explore a natural gas liquids (NGL) complex in the new industrial park."

"We look forward to developing another successful business with local partners we know well and trust," adds McLeod Lake Indian Band Chief Harley Chingee.

"The entire region will benefit from this project."

Both Nations announced the development of the 1,000-acre Shas Ti-Dlezeh Industrial Park near Summit Lake in June 2020, and were then seeking possible proponents for development.

“Formula Capital is extremely proud and looks forward to working in partnership with MLIB and LTN. Our senior management and ownership believe in developing genuine partnerships with Indigenous people to actively contribute to First Nations reconciliation,” says FCC CEO Paul Tiefensee.

“As a locally owned company and industry leader we understand the importance of having a major project such as this, located in the north.”

According to today's update, there has been ‘talk’ about the potential opportunities for the Prince George region to develop value-added NGL processing facilities. 

Both Nations and FCC say they're committed to the finalization of their partnership to ensure major projects remain locally driven and provide regional benefits.