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‘Everybody just wants to help’: Prince George Facebook group forms to help COVID-19 volunteers organize

‘Prince George is really just that kind of community’
The group started to help seniors, but how has a broader focus. (via Facebook/COVID PG Volunteers for all)

Prince George is pulling together to make sure everyone in the community who needs help, as the city and the world battles this global pandemic, gets help.

A Facebook group called COVID PG Volunteers for All has formed to provide information and connect social service agencies, helpers, and those in need.

The group was started by social service worker Erin Weyman, after she saw a news story of an elderly couple who was too afraid to go grocery shopping.

“I posted just looking for a few people who might want to partner with me and deliver groceries for a few elderly people who may need it not thinking it would become what it has,” says Weyman.  

“I originally started it because I wanted to help and the outpouring of help has been amazing everybody just wants to help.”

She says the group has now partnered agencies like St. Vincent de Paul and the Prince George Council of Seniors to connect and funnel people to the services and agencies in town who specialize in helping others.

Weyman added that the group is also helping in situations where people feel a sense of urgency.

“There was a young lady last night who was put forward to the group who can’t leave her house right now – she is a young mum – so one of our members who is also in the social service industry collected donations from other members from our group and delivered her an abundance of food last night,” explained Weyman.

“It’s those one’s who are in a sense of urgency and have nothing.”

She says while the group is still being fine-tuned to make sure it’s functioning in a way that’s best for the community, it’s a place where people can go to exchange positivity and resources.

“I think it’s a good distraction for people to be able to turn it around and turn it into a positive and give back and pay it forward and I think that Prince George is really just that kind of community.”

Weyman says she's reaching out to different social service providers to see what their needs are and as those come in, she and the Facebook group admins are continuing to update the group.

“I’m just trying to mobilize some more support people in the community to be part of the group because now that its open to everybody the more resources and professionals we have involved with it the better.”

The group already has more than 400 members and daily posts from people who are willing to help, donate, and spread positivity.

“I didn’t anticipate it would get that much traction,” says Weyman. “It’s kind of overwhelming but I have some really good people on the team.”

You can join COVID PG Volunteers for All on Facebook.