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Driver arrested east of Prince George after deliberately charging at on-coming traffic

Highway 16 was closed to stop erratic driver
(via Getty Images)

A man is in custody after erratically driving outside of Prince George this morning (June 4), possibly even trying to steer vehicles off the road or cause a head-on collision. 

Cpl. Craig Douglass explains an investigation is in place after McBride RCMP received a report of a dangerous driver heading west on Highway 16. 

A Prince George Mountie was then sent to try and intercept the driver as the vehicle was nearing the city. 

While the officer was heading to the area, police received another report from the public that the driver of the car was trying to deliberately force on-coming traffic off the road or seemingly wanting to cause a head-on collision. 

Douglass says when officers tried to pull the car over near Purden Lake, the driver wouldn't stop, continuing to drive dangerously across the centre line at-oncoming traffic. 

Highway 16 was then closed at Old Cariboo Highway to stop any public safety risks. 

Spike belts were deployed around 9 a.m. along with "other tactics" to stop the car near the intersection of Highway 16 and Giscome Road, slightly east of the city. 

"To have an on-coming vehicle drive right at you, narrowly missing a head-on collision, is a terrifying situation for anyone driving on our highways" Cpl. Douglass said.  

"We are relieved and maybe a little shocked that this situation did not result in more serious injuries to members of the public, the police or the occupants of the car. I'm very proud of our officers, as well as those members of the public that called police without hesitation."

Douglass says one man was arrested and is still in police custody; a female passenger was also arrested, but later released. 

No injuries were reported and damages were minimal, according to the release. The vehicle was also not insured. 

The investigation is ongoing.