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Prince George Costco gas bar drops to 68.9 cents a litre

How low will it go?
Gas prices continue to drop in Prince George at some gas stations such as Costco. (via Hanna Petersen)

It may be a modest drop, but it's still a drop regardless.

Prince George's Costco gas bar now sits at 68.9 cents per litre after holding steady at 69.9 for about two weeks.

However, it's reign as the cheapest gas in all of B.C. has been overthrown by Merritt's Super Save Station, which now reads 63.9 cents a litre.

Prince George posts the next nine lowest prices at either 71.9 or 72.9 by various companies and are scattered across the city.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the reasons for the continued decrease in prices. has listed 10 lowest gas prices in B.C. below.

By the way, it's now a 6.5-hour drive from Prince George to fill the tank with the cheapest gas in the province.

- with files from Elana Shepert, Vancouver Is Awesome

april-cheapest-gas-prices-british-columbia.jpgThe top 10 cheapest gas stations in British Columbia. (via GasBuddy)