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#TheNorthTogether: Prince George photographer films touching video essay about COVID-19

Darrin Rigo shares his thoughts on the pandemic in the north
The essay was filmed on empty downtown Prince George streets. (via screenshot/Darrin Rigo)

Prince George-based photographer Darrin Rigo has created an emotionally moving video essay about the impact COVID-19 physical distancing has had on the north.

Filmed on empty streetscapes in the downtown core, the short film captures the emotional impact the pandemic is having on the communities throughout the region.

“Part of why this is so hard is because of who we are,” says Rigo in the film.

“This city, these small towns, this whole region – northern B.C. –  our foundation is how we come together. Being at a distance is at odds with everything we know.”

Titled #TheNorthTogether, Rigo concludes that even though it feels strange to be apart, it's something the region is doing together.

 “It’s community that is at our core.”