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Local Arts

Ivor Johnson's Neighbours

The story of Ivor Johnson's Neighbours, about to hit the Theatre North West stage, has nothing to do with Scooge, but it will stir the very heart of the Christmas spirit.

What's on this weekend

Top off the week with a coffee and some live music Friday Nights at Cafe Voltaire. Every week there is a different local musician providing free live entertainment.

Horse rescue immortalized in book

When a concerned community dug two stranded, starving horses down from a snowbound mountain two winters ago, it touched the hearts of the nation. It also touched off the pen of Birgit Stutz, a horse professional and one of the ones working a shovel.

Events list for Nov. 11 to 14

Remembrance Day Ceremonies Thursday begin at the Civic Centre at 10 a.m. for speeches, a moment of silence and laying of wreaths in honour of men and women who have served and are serving our country during times of war, conflict and peace.
Northern sound includes polkas

Northern sound includes polkas

Sound of the North is a local band including Don Redden, left, Beth Bressette-Bowman, Heidi Burtenshaw, and Jim Dow, who will be releasing their new CD A Taste of Europe Saturday at ArtSpace, above Books & Co., 1685 Third Avenue.

Prince George history explored in Creative Fusion

Youth and seniors are in a Creative Fusion that brought artists together to explore Prince George history as the common theme.
A little heat can be really cool

A little heat can be really cool

IMG-2010-11-10 calle A&E Fired & Snow Jim Coyle, Margaret Coyle, Carolyn Kelly, Alan O'Reilly, and Jim Sayle are Celtic band Out of Alba who will appearing with the Prince George Cantata Singers Saturday at the Playhouse for Fire & Snow.
Wildlife artist to sign books at Direct Art

Wildlife artist to sign books at Direct Art

One of the world's best known nature and wildlife artists will be in Prince George for a book signing Monday from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the grand opening of Direct Art at 1650 Queensway.
A choral frolic is ferocious

A choral frolic is ferocious

When young adults are too old to join a choir and have decided not to go to school to build a career in music some singers in Prince George have found a place in the Nove Voce Choral Society.

Saturday night out with Gilbert and Sullivan

PGSO Review - Saturday Night Out with Gilbert & Sullivan Throughout the 20th century, generations of high-school and college students have had the experience of mounting an operetta - almost always one by the team of W.S.