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Treasure places 17th in Rio

High jumper does P.G. proud at first Olympics

Alyx Treasure’s dream of an Olympic medal slipped away early in Saturday’s women high jump final at Olympic Stadium in Rio.
The 24-year-old from Prince George lived up to the pressure of competing on the biggest stage possible in her sport by advancing into the second round when she cleared the bar at 1.88 metres with her third attempt.
The bar was then moved up to 1.93m, one centimetre shy of Treasure’s personal best 1.94m, set in Thursday’s qualifying round. Treasure failed to clear that height and was eliminated, finishing 17th in her first Olympic competition.
The Rio Olympics marked only the second time Treasure has competed against the world’s top athletes in a senior meet.
"I was a little apprehensive when I saw the opening height of 1.88," said Tom Masich, Treasure's former coach at the Prince George Track and Field Club. "I do believe it is the highest she has opened at. This may be common in the future as she increases her PB.  She will have Commonwealth Games and a couple world championships between now and Tokyo 2020 (the next Olympics).
"Monetary support will be the key to her progress as she goes forward."
Ruth Beitia of Spain won the gold medal, Mirela Demireva of Bulgaria claimed silver and Blanka Vlasic of Croatia was the bronze medalist. All three cleared 1.97m. The 37-year-old Beitia won based on a countback. She started with the bar at 1.88m and needed just one jump at 1.88, 1.93 and 1.97 to advance. Demireva required two attempts at 1.88m but was clear with her first try at 1.93 and 1.97, while Vlasic needed to tries to make 1.97.

Rio Olympics

Women's high jump results

(filed by The Canadian Press)


1. Ruth Beitia, Spain, (1.97), 6-5 1-4.

2. Mirela Demireva, Bulgaria, (1.97), 6-5 1-4.

3. Blanka Vlasic, Croatia, (1.97), 6-5 1-4.

4. Chaunte Lowe, United States, (1.97), 6-5 1-4.

5. Alessia Trost, Italy, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

6. Levern Spencer, St. Lucia, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

7. Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, Germany, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

8. Sofie Skoog, Sweden, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

9. Kamila Licwinko, Poland, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

10. Iryna Gerashchenko, Ukraine, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

11. Morgan Lake, Britain, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

12. Inika McPherson, United States, (1.93), 6-3 3-4.

13. Vashti Cunningham, United States, (1.88), 6-2.

14. Airine Palsyte, Lithuania, (1.88), 6-2.

15. Svetlana Radzivil, Uzbekistan, (1.88), 6-2.

16. Desiree Rossit, Italy, (1.88), 6-2.

17. Alyx Treasure, Prince George, (1.88), 6-2.