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Landry going pro in Luxembourg

Top-scoring guard grew up in Prince George
Madison Landry - UNBC Athletics
Prince George's Madison Landry will be going to Europe to play professional basketball, after a four-year career with the UNBC Timberwolves. UNBC Athletics handout image

One the UNBC Timberwolves' top local hoopsters is turning pro.

Madison Landry, who spent four seasons with the Timberwolves as a guard, has signed a contract to play professionally with AB Contern in Luxembourg. Landry grew up in Prince George and was recruited out of Duchess Park Secondary School's basketball program. During her time at UNBC, she became a national top-ten scorer for the Twolves.

“I am so excited to travel to Luxembourg and continue playing basketball. With last year being lost to COVID, I thought this past season with the Timberwolves was going to be the final season of my career,” said Landry. “I never thought I would be able to play professionally, but I have developed so much in my time at UNBC that it has become a reality, and I couldn’t be more excited.” 

Contern is a suburb of Luxembourg City, the capital of the tiny city-state wedged between France, Germany and Belgium.

Landry's agent Yves LeJeune of LBM Agency, helped Landry navigate the European basketball landscape. Landry thanked LeJeune and UNBC head coach Sergey Shchepotkin for helping and encouraging her efforts to go pro.

"Yves has been so amazing and helpful throughout this process. When I realized we wouldn’t be having a Canada West season, I started cutting my highlight tape to see what might come of it,” Landry said. “It is going to be an experience. There are going to be people who have been playing professionally for years, so I will have a lot to learn. I am expecting everyone to have great basketball IQ. Despite not playing games this past year, I have never felt this ready, mentally or physically, in my life.” 

Shchepotkin, who played professionally and coached in Europe and coached in Europe, said knew he had added a massive piece to the program when Landry committed to UNBC. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for Madison. First of all, she is such a gifted athlete and basketball player. She does things on the court that others are unable to do,” said Shchepotkin. “To come to a program that had never made the Canada West playoffs, and make it every year of her career is special. She was the type of player that other teams and coaches would game-plan for, but couldn’t. She is going to go to Europe and grow so much as a player and a person. One of the greatest Timberwolves in history.” 

AB Contern struggled to a 3-15 record last season, after battling a number of injuries. As one of the two import players on the roster, the team will be looking to Landry to help rebuild.