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Voter turnout down in both Prince George ridings

Fewer people voted in 2021 than in the 2019 election
Prince George polling station
A polling station in downtown Prince George.

Voter turnout in Canada’s 44th general election on (Sept. 20) was down throughout the country and in both Prince George ridings.

In Cariboo-Prince George 50,762 of 85,187 registered electors or 59.59 per cent voted whereas voter turnout for the riding was 65 per cent in 2019.

Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies also saw a dip in voter turnout. On Sept. 20 there were 49,019 of 79,952 registered electors or 61.31 per cent who voted in the riding.

This is a dip from 2019 when 67 per cent of voters cast a ballot.

Decreased voter turnout was also reflected nationally as Elections Canada says 61.3 per cent of registered voters cast a ballot compared to 67 per cent in 2019. The federal election in 2015 saw a voter turnout of just over 68 per cent.

Nationally the Liberals were elected to a minority government with 158 seats, followed by the Conservatives as official opposition with 119 seats.

170 seats would have been needed to form a majority government.

The Bloc has 34 seats, the NDP 25 and the Green Party has 2.

Locally the number of votes for each candidate have also been tallied.

In Cariboo-Prince George:

Conservative Todd Doherty had 25,770 votes or 50.8 per cent

NDP Audrey McKinnon had 10,323 votes or 20.3 per cent

Liberal Garth Frizzell had 8,447 votes or 16.6 per cent

People’s Party Jeremy Gustafson had 4,160 votes or 8.2 per cent

Green Party Leigh Hunsinger-Chang had 1,844 votes or 3.6 per cent

Christian Heritage Party Henry Thiessen had 218 votes or 0.4 per cent

In Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies:

Conservative Bob Zimmer had 29,738 votes or 60.7 per cent

NDP Cory Grizz Longley had 6,627 votes or 13.5 per cent

People’s Party Ryan Dick had 5,137 votes or 10.5 per cent

Liberal Amir Alavi had 4,229 votes or 8.6 per cent

Green Party Catharine Kendall had 1,657 votes or 3.4 per cent

Maverick Party David Jeffers had 1,578 votes or 3.2 per cent