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VIDEO: Prince George honks ‘thank yous’ at UHNBC healthcare workers during COVID-19 crisis

'It means more to us than we can explain.'
uhnbc video
A screenshot from the video of staff waving at the honking cars. (via Deandra Elizabeth)

Drivers have been honking in front of the University Hospital of Northern BC (UHNBC) to share their appreciation for the doctors, nurses and healthcare staff.

Volunteers have organized a 7 p.m. nightly car parade at the hospital to show appreciation and support for those on the frontlines.

A nurse, who goes by Deandra Elizabeth on Facebook, uploaded the video to the group Hell Yeah Prince George!, saying it was an uplifting way to start a shift.

“I work in the emergency department and it is so nice to have this to look forward to every day, especially right now in such uncertain times,” Elizabeth tells PrinceGeorgeMatters.

“Whether it be to boost you up after a long shift or give you the reminder of what and who we’re in this for before starting! The support we have received has been phenomenal and honestly means more to us than we can explain”