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Costco gas bar drops below 70 cents a litre in Prince George

Prince George maintains B.C.'s 10 lowest prices
Gas prices continue to drop in Prince George at some gas stations such as Costco. (via Hanna Petersen)

When was the last time you saw a gas price below 70 cents a litre?

It's likely been a while, but Prince George's Costco has done just that in selling fuel at 69.9 cents a litre as of this morning (March 27), according to

The plummet is one of several in B.C. that continue to drop as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Costco's gas bar has dropped six cents in total this week after starting at 75.9 cents a litre on Monday (March 23).

It went to 71.9 cents a litre on Wednesday (March 25) before falling two more cents today.

Prince George continues to boast the province's 10 lowest gas prices with the nine stations that follow Costco at 73.9 cents a litre.

Those locations are listed in the graphic below.

- with files from Kyle Balzer, PrinceGeorgeMatters

bc-gas-pricecs.jpg(via GasBuddy)