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VIDEO: Drone gets up close and personal with Mr. PG

In case you can’t get enough of Mr. PG, here’s some cool footage from the air
drone mr pg
Drone footage of Mr. PG from July 2018. (via YouTube/Erez2Go Prod.)

Most of us drive by Mr. PG every day but, how many of us have seen him from the sky?

Well, there just so happens to be a drone video that shows off the 27-foot beloved mascot in all his glory.

YouTuber Erez2Go Prod. has uploaded a video of drone footage showing an eagle’s eye view of Mr. PG.

The footage, of Prince George’s iconic mythical log man, was shot in July 2018.  

While Mr. PG looks pretty much the same, the three-minute video does depict some finer details that would be hard to see from the ground — like some bird poop on his hat!