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VIDEO: BC SPCA offers advice for pet owners during cold winter months

Cold Pets 3
Pet dog wearing snow boots. (via File photo)

If you're cold, your pet is likely cold too.

Winter months require extra effort and care when it comes to looking after your pets.

There is an uptick in new pet owners this year, with the 'pandemic puppy' trend indicating many have adopted pets as companions while locked down at home.

The BC SPCA remind all pet owners, not just new ones, that more attention is needed to take care of your animals during winter.

"Consider the breed of your animal if it is outside ... is it a breed that is acceptable to be outside?" says Meranda Dussault with the Vernon SPCA shelter.

"Also ask if they have an insulated doghouse or something to escape the temperature."

Water bowls freeze this time of year, and the SPCA advises heated water buckets if your pet is outside.

"Another thing is making sure you use pet-safe antifreeze," says Dussault.

"Also think and thump before you start your vehicle – you want to give your vehicle a tap to make sure there isn't a cat or creature that's crawled up inside of it to stay warm."

Cats are not quite as acclimated to handle lower temperatures like dogs, so if you own an outdoor cat it's important to think ahead to keep your pet warm and safe.

"You should have some way for them to escape the elements," says Dussault. "This could be a barn that is insulated or a heated cathouse or doghouse."

For more information on how to keep your pets warm, visit the BC SPCA website.