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Three March Prince George flights also had COVID-19 exposure

BCCDC listed three flights between March 5 and 15
(via YXS - Prince George Airport/Facebook)

There have been more Prince George flights with COVID-19 exposure than originally discovered. 

As per the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), the latest flight-exposure list (dated Sept. 4) shows a new total of five involving YXS, three of which happened in March. 

The March flights are listed as follows: 

  • March 5: Air Canada flight 8209 from Vancouver to Prince George - rows 9-15
  • March 12: Central Mountain Air flight 9M728 from Prince George to Kelowna - rows not reported
  • March 15: Central Mountain Air flight 9M725 from Kelowna to Prince George - rows not reported

It was originally thought the northern capital's first exposure was Air Canada Flight 8212 on Aug. 21 from Prince George to Vancouver with the second being Flair Air flight 8711 on Aug. 24 from Vancouver to Edmonton that stopped at YXS in between. 

The BCCDC also updated the Flair flight with the reported rows affected now listed as 26-32.

Affected rows on the Aug. 21 Air Canada flight were six through 12.