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Theatre Northwest to show ‘Mom’s The Word’ a comedy about early years of parenting

‘The show for anyone who’s ever had a mother’

Originally scheduled to be performed last season, Theatre Northwest is gearing up to present Mom’s The Word a comedy about the early years of parenting.

Part comedy, part variety show, the women in Mom’s The Word share their best and most hilarious personal confessions about– all the chaos, absurdity, heartache, and wonder of motherhood.

“I think for most mothers you can read about it and hear what your parents and grandparents talk about it, but when you actually get down to it, it’s always a surprise. Very few people are equipped emotionally or physically to do what you need to do as a parent,” said Deborah Williams, co-writer and director of the play.

“I think the key is to have the chance to laugh because it is ludicrous and you’re in charge all alone and isolated in these domestic cubicles of hell I like to call them,” laughed Williams.

“We try to give everyone a chance to laugh at themselves. At us and at themselves.”

Williams said Mom's the Word is also a multi-sensory experience because it not only features storytelling but there’s also dancing and singing.

“We like to think about it as there’s a circle of women on the stage and the rest of the circle is created by the people in the audience, so it is a full circle and we just happen to be the people telling the stories to the audience this night,” said Williams.  

“A lot of laughter, a lot of colour, and a few tears. It is a bit of a roller coaster. It is like a whole day in the life of a parent.”

Four actors from the Lower Mainland have been cast in the production as well as local actor Anna Russell.

Williams said for many involved with the production this is the first time they’ve been back in a theatre and rehearsal hall since the pandemic began.

“That has been such a treat being able to appreciate what we get to do for a living in a whole new way,” added Willams, who co-wrote the production with Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard.

“I hope people give themselves this gift, or give someone else a gift, of this show because the sense of relief when you walk out is so huge and you just feel so much better about being a parent about being a human. We have always called it Mom's the Word, the show for anyone who’s ever had a mother, so it really is for everybody.”

Mom's The Word runs from April 14 until May 4 at Theatre Northwest at 556 North Nechako Road.