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Theatre NorthWest: Talented team making Mom’s The Word to the stage

Mom’s the Word, the final show of this season, plays April 14th to May 4th at Theatre NorthWest.
Melissa Glover Theatre NW
Melissa Glover.

It has been over two years since I have been in a rehearsal hall.

At Theatre NorthWest, we have been privileged to have a semblance of a normal mainstage season this year. We have now begun rehearsals for the final show of this season, Mom’s The Word. This show was originally scheduled to be performed last season but well…you know.

I am beyond ecstatic to be working on this hilariously heartfelt show that has been performed in 19 countries and is now in its 28th year of production. It has spawned five sequels, which I am sure will all be produced at TNW in subsequent years!

The night before I go into a rehearsal hall there is always butterflies in my stomach much akin to the feeling felt on the eve before the first day of school. I am always nervous and excited as each play I work on is a unique experience. I grapple with the anxieties of interacting with humans after two years of having a screen barrier between us. Will I say something embarrassing or offend someone with my dark sense of humour?

I was more excited than nervous to begin rehearsals for this show as the director, Deb Williams, acted in the very first show I assistant directed back in 2014. This show is also very different from other shows I worked on as the majority of text is delivered in monologue format. The history of this show is also unlike any other I have worked on. Deb is one of the most fabulous people I have had the pleasure of working with these past eight years.

The first day has finally arrived… butterflies in my stomach. I arrive 30 minutes before. I take a deep breath as I enter into the lobby then I let out an exhale as my anxieties ease when I am greeted with friendly hellos and how are yous.

Even though it is only the first day, the rehearsal hall feels like home. Many of the performers and production team have travelled from Vancouver and Vancouver Island for this show. The sun was shining and us locals got to explain one of the things that makes our theatre location unique: wildlife.

Bears was a topic that we spent a good 30 minutes discussing, reassuring everyone that in the 27 years TNW has operated no actor has exited and been pursued by a bear.

After introductions, we launch into the first read of the play. Each actor is engaging and brings something new to the character they are playing. Yumi Ogawa, Tamara McCarthy, Anna Russell, Sara Bynoe, and Keara Barnes are the extremely talented performers I get to work with on this show.

We have two more weeks to create and form this show for Prince George audiences. We are very lucky in this town to have these artists with us and share their work. I also know they feel lucky to be in Prince George and to be welcomed with open arms after two long years away.

We also have an incredibly talented production team, with our gracious director Deb Williams leading us and the spectacular Gary Harris as our stage manager. Pam Johnson is the set and costume designer extraordinaire that brings such life and vibrancy to this piece. Harika  Xu is our lighting designer.

I am so thrilled that this is the show I am getting to start with after two years away. Everyone involved is so giving and supportive, something that theatre should always be, a place where you feel safe and heard. A place where being vulnerable is not criticized.

Mom’s the Word emphasizes that space, a space for community, a space for voices to be heard, and a place for our unique experiences to bring us together after a lengthy period of isolation. I urge you to purchase your tickets for Mom’s the Word, playing April 14th to May 4th at Theatre NorthWest. You can get your tickets via our website:

Melissa Glover is the assistant director for Mom’s the Word