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Studies suggest only less than 10 per cent of people actually accomplish their New Year's resolutions


Whether your last decade was full of highs or you struggled through a series of lows, the good news is that you made it though. Now it’s time to start anew and set some goals to either start or continue on a path you can enjoy for years to come.

Unfortunately, recent studies show that “less than 25 per cent of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only eight per cent accomplish them.” Often times it’s because we set lofty goals, without a plan or system to keep us on track. That’s why this year, as we approach a new decade of opportunities, we should get a little more strategic about what we want in the New Year.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to highlight the most effective ways of staying true to your resolution’s in 2020. Events & Adventures hosts dozens of special events in Vancouver, which bring together like-minded singles to mix, mingle and have fun. If your resolution is to get more out of life and to meet new people, Events & Adventures makes it easy to stick to your goals! They host monthly events that range from comedy nights to volunteering and out-of-this-world experiences like cave explorations and skydiving.

While different people have different goals, many times we fail to achieve them for the same reasons. It’s not because we lack will-power, determination or focus, it’s because we don’t take the necessary steps to understand why we want them or exactly how we’ll achieve them. Well, that stops this year! Here are three ways to keep your resolutions in 2020.


Big goals are great, but you need to acknowledge each step you’ll have to take in order to make them happen. One way to do this is to work backwards from your overarching goal and focus on small achievable goals that will get you there. For instance, rather than just “getting healthy” this year, start with something like, “I’m going to run 3 times a week for a month.” Rather than “saving money,” break-down how much money you’ll want to put aside each pay cheque. Rather than “Make more time for myself”, pick one or two singles activities to try with Events & Adventures per week. See how this goes, then adjust, tweak and adapt from there.

Remember, there is NOTHING wrong with having to adjust your goals over time. This helps you avoid burnout and stay on track well into the new year.


Mark your calendars! While it’s likely that you will fall off the wagon in your journey (everyone does), if you set predetermined dates to check-in on yourself and your progress, you’ll provide yourself with gentle reminders to reevaluate where you’re at. For singles who want to get out of the house, Events & Adventures offers so many activities each month there’s no need to worry about scheduling. You can attend as many or as few events as you’d like!There’s nothing wrong with falling off track for a few weeks, as long as weeks don’t turn into months and into… next New Year’s.


“Trying new things” is a great goal, but it won’t last long if you don’t understand why you want to do so. Think about why you want these things, how they will improve your life in 2020 and how they relate to your core values or the person you want to become.

If you’re single and your New Year’s Resolutions involve meeting new people, finding love, or just getting out of the house to try new things, the easiest way to stay on track is to join a social group like Events & Adventures. Because Events & Adventures takes care of the planning, it’s easy to stay on top of your resolution, and it’ll be the one you actually WANT to keep! All you have to do is pick a few events each month, show up and have a great time. There are over 30 to choose from this month alone!

- Vancouver Is Awesome