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School district elects new board chair, vice chair

Craig Brennan is the new chair, Erica McLean the vice chair; Rachael Weber declined running again to focus on her upcoming campaign for MLA

School District 57’s board of education has a new chair and vice-chair after a leadership shake-up at its monthly board meeting Tuesday.

After being nominated for board chair by Trustee Cory Antrim, sitting chair Rachael Weber announced she would not be seeking re-election for the position citing her decision to run in the next provincial election as a deciding factor.

“I appreciate the trust you have shown me as a school district board chair over the last year. After careful consideration I have decided I will not be putting my name forward to serve as chair for the 23/34 school year,” said Weber.

“I want you to know that my commitment to serving our communities will remain steadfast and I will continue to faithfully perform my duties as a trustee. As you may already know I will be running as a candidate in the next provincial election. If successful, this will allow me to continue to serve but with a broader impact. I am grateful for your support and understanding in this decision.”

Trustee Shar McCrory then nominated Sarah Holland for the position, and Weber nominated Craig Brennan. After all trustees voted, Brennan was declared the winner and elected board chair.

“I believe the position of chairperson is about positively influencing people to reach new heights. I believe in being part of a high performing team and I believe we are stronger together. I don’t just mean the board I mean all of us,” said Brennan.

McCrory again nominated Holland for the position of vice chair, but she was unsuccessful as the board elected Erica McLean who was nominated by Antrim.

“While I can’t commit to any outcomes as a vice chairperson, but I can promise to lead with my three values. Values are only useful if you can cite them, share them with others and if you can live through them every day so humility, a hunger for growth and change, and gratitude,” said McLean.

“I am a learner and I have lots to learn, and I hope that my one year as a trustee was reflected my work and the conversations we had. I know I don’t have all the answers but I believe that is a strength and something I hope to bring to the organization.”

Elections of a BC School Trustees Association provincial councillor were also held with Weber securing that position and Antrim acting as alternate.

Elections of a BC Public School Employer’s Association representative saw Weber and Antrim also take those positions as Holland and McCrory both could not put their names forward due to a conflict of interest as they have family members who are part of that group.