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Regional district's paper/packaging recycling on hold until new service provider in place

Until new contract with Recycling B.C finalized, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George won't be collecting paper/packaging at transfer stations
Until the RDFFG finalizes contract with Recycle B.C., paper/packaging pickup will not be happening in the region.

Recycling paper products and packaging has been a bit of challenge over the past three weeks for residents of communities in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, including Prince George.

The contractor that used to operate the district’s recycling, Cascades Recovery, stopped providing the service when its contract with the regional district ended May 31.

The regional district is working out details of a new contract with Recycle B.C. to set up collection depots at the Quinn Street transfer station in Prince George, as well as transfer stations in Mackenzie and Valemount.

“It will still be some time before we have anything in place. There’s a lot of logistics to sort through,” said Renee McCloskey, RDFFG’s manager of external relations, adding it will likely be early fall before there's a new contract finalized.

“It’s a significant service gap right now that we’re working very hard to try to get restored," she said. "We don’t like it any more than the public does.”

The paper collection bins located at the transfer stations around the district were removed as of May 31. McCloskey said that paper and packaging is likely getting dumped in with the general trash, which ends up in landfills.

In Prince George, curbside collection of recyclables has not been affected.

Residents who do not have curbside service are being encouraged to drop off paper and packaging material during business hours at the Prince George Recycling and Return-It Centre at 2614 Petersen Rd., and Hart Return-It Centre at 6665 Hart Highway. Those locations are closed on Sundays and holidays.

Cardboard compaction is still available at the Mackenzie, McBride and Valemount transfer stations.

The new service will allow expanded recycling service that would include paper packaging, cardboard, cartons/paper cups, plastic/aluminum/metal containers, glass, flexible plastics and foam packaging.

“Glass collection would be one thing under Recycle B.C. that would be coming on line that we don’t have now,” said McCloskey. “So once we get there, the amount of items that will be accepted will actually increase from what we had before, but there will be some growing pains between now and then.”