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Prince George restaurant goes from high hazard rating to moderate to low

Northern Health has done three inspections since Sept. 29, with its final inspection being conducted remotely when So Good achieved a low hazard rating on Oct. 12.
A restaurant kitchen.

Northern Health has posted an update saying So Good restaurant has gone from a high hazard rating during a complaint driven inspection on Sept. 29 to moderate on Oct. 11 to low on Oct. 12.

So Good got a high hazard rating when the inspector observed two critical violations along with two lesser violations when food was discovered not to be stored at the proper temperature and equipment/utensils/food contacted surfaces not properly washed and sanitized.

Other violations deemed less critical included a dead mouse found in a trap and a large accumulation of mouse droppings observed around dry storage food shelving.

The restaurant was ordered to replace the thermometer inside a cooler with a working thermometer and remove any mouse droppings and mice, and monitor the area for further activity on a daily basis and ensure that back doorways are kept closed whenever possible to limit pest entry.

The restaurant was also ordered to perform a thorough cleaning of the premises, including the indicated areas.

During the inspection on Oct. 11, the same two critical violations were noted and the same two non-critical violations were also noted from the inspection on Sept. 30 where the restaurant was given a high hazard rating. A moderate hazard rating was issued, however, as it was reported the 'food not protected from contamination' violation was corrected during inspection.

On Oct. 12, it was reported that a "remote inspection of the premises was conducted by the operator providing photos of the corrective actions requested by the Environmental Health Officer, an on-site inspection was not conducted."

In its recent history, So Good has rated high and moderate since May 2023, only achieving a low rating twice, once on July 5 and once on Oct. 12, during a total of seven inspections.