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Prince George RCMP catch two impaired drivers within one hour

Both investigations remain open pending laboratory results
Prince George RCMP CounterAttack - December 2019
Stock image of Prince George RCMP vehicles on the roadside (via Kyle Balzer).

Prince George RCMP caught two suspected impaired drivers within one hour of each other on Monday (May 23).

In the evening at 7:55 p.m. police were conducting patrols on 20 Avenue and Spruce Street when they spotted a person driving a Dodge Caravan and yelling something out of the window at the officer.

Police followed the vehicle into a nearby parking lot and, while speaking with the occupants, they noted several signs of possible drug impairment in the driver.

The police officer immediately began an investigation into impaired operation of a motor vehicle and a drug recognition expert conducted an evaluation of the driver, who was subsequently issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and impounded the vehicle.

Police say the investigation remains open, pending laboratory results of samples obtained during the evaluation.

A short while later, a concerned citizen reported an erratic driver in a Chevrolet pickup near the area of Fifth Avenue and Ospika Boulevard.

Just before 9 p.m., police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Investigators believed the driver to be impaired by drugs and he was detained and transported to the Prince George City detachment, where he was also evaluated by a drug recognition expert.

The driver was then issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 24-hour. This investigation also remains ongoing, pending laboratory results of samples obtained during the evaluation.

“These investigations highlight the hard work our officers are doing to keep our streets safe. Impaired driver investigations are complex and require additional training. We appreciate having police officers who are eager take this training and put it to use in our community,” said Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, Media Relations Officer for the Prince George RCMP.